Maker has seamlessly transitioned into our home and has truly made himself at home. It feels like he’s always been a part of our family. He loves to sleep very close to his humans at night and takes a little extra time to wake up in the mornings (just like his human mama). He loves watching the birds and squirrels out the windows and has a strong protective bark when someone knocks on the door. He’s still learning our commands, and possibly English for that matter.



He instantly bonded with our two year old chocolate lab, Millie, and they can always be found together playing tug with toys, chewing their bones, and taking naps sprawled out on the couch. He loves being close to his new sister and waits at the door for her if she’s not home.

There’s something special about this dog and everyone who meets him feels it. He has soulful eyes that pierce you with so much love. He is gentle, calm and so pure. It just amazes us everyday that he has had such a tough life and he can be so loving towards us. He is truly everything we didn’t know we needed.


Some of our favorite things about him:

The way he shows his front teeth when we tell him no.
The way he loves Millie and always wants to be near her.
The way he hops up the stairs.
How snuggly he is at night.
How gentle and sweet his soul is.
And, his gigantic paws!

We feel so lucky he’s our boy!



Hello.  My name is Bryan (#3245).  I came from China in early September.  I am a happy dog.  I love my foster friends; I live with two goldens, a border collie, a Shih Tzu and few kitties.  I love one of my golden brothers so much I play all the time.  We run together, play tug-of-war together, wrestle together and curl up together.  I’d love to live with another dog to play with! When I’m around the kitties I just sniff them and walk away.

I love my people.  I follow them around, and I love to ride in the golf cart while my foster dad is doing chores.  I lay next to the desk while my foster mom is on the computer.  I love kids, too. I have been known to jump up when we first meet, but I’ll do just fine living with kids!   I have jumped on new people I meet too, but once I get some petting, I’m fine.

My foster mom thinks I have the most expressive eyes!  I love to have my rear end scratched, so my foster mom does it all the time.  I walk pretty well on a leash, but when I see a possible new friend or a new human I just want to get to them, so I tug hard.

I don’t have any major bad habits.  I’ve occasionally counter surfed, and I sneak to sleep on the couch when no one is around.  Otherwise, I have good house manners.

When I came to the States, I had an ear infection.  It’s gone now but I will need regular ear cleanings so I don’t get another.  I also had some sores on my body, I was treated with antibiotics and they are all cleared up with hair growing back.

I’m a happy guy, living my best life in America, and looking forward to my forever family!

Note from foster mom:  Bryan is a wonderful dog and is a true companion dog. He is always near, but not needing constant touching.  He is not food aggressive.  He rides perfectly in the car.  Fully potty trained.  He is really smart. He is treat-motivated and will be easily trained using treats.   Bryan would most definitely be a foster failure if we didn’t have four dogs already. He is on the small size, but very solidly built.  He is a pretty great dog and would be a great addition to any family.

Bryan was adopted on December 14, 2019


Sex: Male
Age: About 3 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED