I’m Moose (#3658) and I’m a young, 58-pound whipper-snapper.  I was born January 25, 2021.  I’m told that I’m a healthy boy.  I have a hearty thirst which makes fairly frequent trips outside a very good idea.  Anyway, I like to be outside finding bits and pieces to pick up or digging a friendly hole or two.  Please don’t leave me out there all by myself for very long, though, because I want to be with you!  I really like to be inside with my family.  I enjoy keeping tabs on what they are doing and helping out however I can.  I’m especially good at the pre-wash cycle when mom loads the dishwasher.  And if one of my furry siblings wants to play? Hey, I’m ready!

I love to play fetch but mom uses two tennis balls ‘cause I’m not very good at actually giving the ball back.  I will bring it sorta close and spit it out if I see that she’s ready to throw the other ball.  I also love to play with my “sisters” (though the crabby one won’t play with me).  I really give playing my undivided enthusiasm.  I play fight and bite at the other dog’s legs – and sometimes I get a bit carried away and hurt my playmate.  (I don’t meant to!) If they get grumpy about it, I sometimes back off and sometimes get grumpy right back!  I play chase (chase them or chase me, I don’t care).  I’m good with my sisters and I was also good with my previous brothers.  I can, however, be overwhelming for small dogs – I just don’t pay any attention when they tell me to go away.  (Why would I?  I want to play, and play, and play!)

One thing that I don’t do well is to go for walks.  I don’t pull too much when I wear a Gentle Leader but, man-oh-man, do I get wild when I see another dog.  Mom says that I need some leash reactivity work (whatever that means).

I am good about riding in the car and I’m also good in my wire crate.  I’m quiet all night and if mom wants to take a nap, I sleep nicely in my crate then, too.

I’m embarrassed to say that if I have a full bladder and I get scared about something at the same time, I will “submissive pee”.  (Phew, I said it.)  I need someone who will open the door and let me race out to take care of my business when I’m in a scary situation.

I’m a good eater but I don’t counter surf or get into the garbage.  I might try to help out another dog if it is a kinda slow eater and it doesn’t seem to want its food, so I eat in an area where I can’t be my usual helpful self.  (Shoot!)

Oh, yes . . .  cats, squirrels, whatever . . .  I would REALLY LOVE to chase ANY of them!  I might even think that they are meals on the paw.  If you have cats, I’m surely not your kinda guy, but if you don’t have cats and you want an eager, enthusiastic companion, I’m your guy forever!

Adoption fee: $650 plus $35 microchip fee


Sex: Male
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? no
Good with Kids? yes