I’m Bonnie Bon-Bon (at least that’s what my foster mom calls me) #3757 and I am as sweet as my name. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Golden Bond for rescuing me from an awful situation in South Korea where I was tied up and abandoned. Life has gotten REALLY good and I try to let everyone know how much I love being here.

I am about a 2 year old petite sable rough collie, less than 50 lbs, and for some reason my foster mom thinks kissing my long snout is really fun – and I like it, too! But my nose is also really good at sniffing out new smells, which I love to do. That’s what walks are for, right?

I really perk up when I see other dogs, and I enjoy meeting them, playing with them, and having their company. I think I’d really like to be in a family with another dog who likes to play occasionally, but since I’m not a real high energy dog, having a playmate who doesn’t need to roughhouse or play all the time would be best. I’m pretty good at just hanging out also – as long as I’m close to my people!

I love people and all the nice attention they give me. I could sit and be petted and loved on all day. Young people, old people and anything in between – bring ‘em on! I crave human affection.

Another thing I crave is food! Mom says being food motivated is a good way to train me, whatever that means. Treats are the best, as are kitchen smells, tidbits dropped on the floor, and my meals – yum! I’ve learned to be very patient though and don’t counter surf anymore, or even try to take things that aren’t mine to chew on. But I do love chewing on hard dog toys like antlers, Nyla bones, Bene Bones. It’s a good thing my foster brother is very tolerant because I’m really good at just gently lifting the bone he’s chewing on out of his mouth or from his paws.

Mom says I walk very well on leash. I think it’s just part of my wanting to please and show how thankful I am to be living such a good life now. I like walks (mostly for all the good smells) and don’t pull at all.

I’m still working on the potty training thing. I know when I’m outside to “Go Potty” but I still haven’t figured out how to signal that I need to go out. And I pretty much have to be off leash in order to pee (it’s something I just don’t like to do while on leash but maybe I’ll learn in time).

I’ve met a cat at the vet’s office and was happy to calmly sniff noses. I think I just like most everyone and everything – I’m that kind of girl! Hopefully I can be your kind of girl as I’d love to find my very own forever family to love.

Note from Foster Mom: I just have to say I have never seen such a gentle dog. She wants to please, wants to love and be loved, and couldn’t be sweeter about it.


Sex: Female
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes