Hi, I’m Bonggu #3755 (my foster family calls me Seamus). I’m a male golden retriever weighing about 61 pounds and I am about 2-3-years old.

I’m an adorable boy who shows delightful affection for everyone I meet. I am a recent transplant from South Korea but I have been in the Pacific Northwest with my foster family since late October. I’m currently recovering from a mild ear infection but I am otherwise healthy and fit. I am already responding to English commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’,  ‘lie down’ and my new name “Seamus” so I guess that makes me bilingual too!

I love people so much and I’m so loyal that I will follow my foster mum wherever she goes in the house – unless it’s upstairs where the cat lives and she tells me to “stay” downstairs. I love to lie beside her while she’s working at her desk and I love to put my head on her feet. I will be an adoring, loyal companion for my new family. I also like kids –  I love to give hugs and play catch with the 11 year old boy in my foster family.

I am very obedient and I sleep in my crate each night without any issues although I do like to know that my family is nearby. I am very respectful and I do not jump on furniture but I have been known to chew on the odd tissue if I find one under the sofa! I can be left alone in the house in my crate for short periods of time and I am very patient.

I’m also well behaved out in the yard and like to play fetch although I may not give you back your ball very easily! I am very playful but when I see cats I might get a little over excited. I don’t have any dog companions in my foster home but I love to see other dogs in the park and I’m very curious and want to play with them.

I like to go on car rides to the park and I get in and out of the car quite easily. I tend to lie down on my blanket in the back and I occasionally sit up to see what’s going on outside but I don’t get over excited.

I eat well and I love my food and treats. I have even put on 5 pounds since I moved here! I was a little nervous about eating at first and sometimes I like to have you beside me while I take my first few bites. I’m also quite shy about eating treats straight from your hand and I prefer to eat from my bowl or the floor so I don’t hurt you.

I like to go for walks, it’s the best part of my day! Although I sometimes get my owner twisted up in the leash, I am a smart and attentive dog so it won’t take long to iron out any leash confusion.

I attract attention wherever I go and so many people have fallen in love with me already! My foster mum likes to say that whoever adopts me will win the dog adoption lottery!



Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: MEETING A FAMILY
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown