We have been absolutely delighted with Bob!!!!

The first couple of days, he was sad…really missed his routine and his humans, Kerry and Richard, we assume.  Today is our three week anniversary and he has definitely perked up!  This weekend we took him to Pacific City for a beach and sand day and he was in dog heaven (and we are too because he doesn’t dig or roll in smelly stuff).

We think he has settled in…in three weeks he has only had two accidents, his bowels have returned to normal and he continues to delight us with his antics and his attitude.  We are still a bit befuddled by his not wanting to go for a walk…he still simply stops and refuses to budge unless he gets to pick the direction.  However, if walking with another person or two, he will walk endlessly…and today at the beach he ran and ran…

We cannot imagine a better dog…he is smart and patient (the picture below shows him tolerating Benson’s, our 18 month old neighbor, hugs). Benson is now his new BFF because he shares his snacks with Bob. He’s affectionate, and just so cute!  Kim took him on an outing last weekend and came back claiming he (Bob) was a ‘chick magnet’. He gets along well with other dogs…Benson’s family has a Yorkshire terrier and the two of them chase around their house like they have been friends forever.

Bob loves to go for a ride in the car…of course, since he hasn’t passed drivers training yet, I had to move him before we went anywhere!  I wish he could talk as then he could tell me if it is because he loves the idea of going new places and finding new places to go for a walk, or if he is afraid of being left behind…I am going to opt for the “excited to go and see new things”!!!






Bob’s Website Story:

I’m Bob the Dog (#2912) from China. The vet who worked on my teeth (more on that later) says I’m probably 3 to 4 years old, but most people who meet me think I’m an exceptionally adorable puppy — something to do with my super-soft coat, extra short legs and big feet.

I was pretty skinny when I first arrived but now I’m just about perfect at 50 pounds. When I first got here I used to look on the counters for food all the time but now I understand I’m not supposed to help myself. I also used to eat pretty much any paper I could get my mouth on. Now I leave the books alone though I still can’t resist the occasional selection from the recycling basket.

I’m a mellow guy in the house and don’t bark at much of anything. I’m not a Velcro dog, whatever that means, but I do like it a lot when people pet me and pay attention to me. I haven’t met anyone I don’t like. I love to hop in the car, especially if it means we’ll go walk somewhere without sidewalks.  I don’t play much with toys, but I do have one very special ball with lights that I like to play fetch with. Most of the time I’ll even give it back to you to throw again. I really like it when we can go somewhere where I can play with another dog. I’m not always so good in a big group of dogs, but it’s great if there’s one who will play chase and wrestle. I’ve never met a cat, but I bet if they run, I’d have fun chasing them.

When I got here I had really bad looking teeth. A dental specialist spent a lot of time carefully cleaning and sealing them, but apparently I have super soft enamel—probably because of a fever when I was a puppy.  Whatever the cause, my new family is going to have to help me take good care of them. My fosters have started teaching me about teeth brushing—peanut butter toothpaste tastes good! You should also know that when I came out of the anesthesia from the teeth cleaning I bit my tongue really badly. It’s healed, but I have a small chunk missing out of one side now. Not a big deal, except that it means that I sometimes drool a bit from that side of my mouth.

From his fosters: Bob is a great dog. He’s housebroken, easygoing, and friendly with everyone. He is enjoying training, especially since it involves food; he’ll need more but he’s got a solid start. He was protective of his food when he arrived, but is much better now that he’s close to normal weight and worm-free. He loves to meet new people and dogs and we think he would be happiest with regular play dates or a sibling.

Bob was adopted on March 3, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 3 - 4 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Maybe; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED