After months and months of planning, Golden Bond Rescue in partnership with No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB) will be transporting 12 goldens from China to Toronto, Canada. When in July, 2021, the CDC placed a temporary ban on dogs entering the USA from 113 countries (China being one), 30 GBR dogs were stranded in China. GBR has been supporting the dogs (28 goldens and 2 labs) and now we are able to begin bringing some of them over. The 12 goldens arriving in Toronto on March 30th will need to remain in Canada for 6-months before coming to the USA. This 6-month waiting period is part of the CDC’s temporary import law. GBR has been fortunate to have a years-long relationship with NDLB, which has a beautiful dog sanctuary in Toronto. NDLB has graciously offered a portion of their facility for our dogs. Although GBR has 30 dogs waiting in China, financially we only have funds enough to bring 12 over. If all goes well with this first group, the others will follow.

We are asking you, our supporters/followers, to help us help these 12 goldens by sponsoring them at whatever level you can. Each dog has its own page in our Store. In the Store, you can choose the dog(s) you wish to sponsor and at what level. e.g. full sponsorship, food for a month, dog bed, vaccination boosters, etc. Each dog’s Store page has more information about the dog. You can go to our Store and view the dogs there or, you can click on any one of the pictures below.

If you choose to help a particular dog(s), we will send you monthly updates on the dog(s) progress and activities while in Toronto.

Please take a few minutes to watch a brief video of this project: O.N.E. Flight = 12 Lives

Thank you so much in advance for your help.




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