Not too long ago Blake made a long flight from China after being rescued from the cruel dog meat trade. Upon arrival in Oregon he received love, care and training from his wonderful foster mom. After settling into his forever home, Blake returned to Oregon three times for farming, a fun GBR picnic and a family birthday. He enjoyed stays in hotels, learned about elevators and met new friends.

At home he loves summer swimming, playing in his yard, his own comfy spot on the couch, rides and walks, and dog parties (obedience training). Blake is the perfect dog for our family.

We send our thanks to all the brave people who rescued him in China and all the kind and generous people at Golden Bond Rescue.




Blake was adopted on June 3, 2016.

Blake’s Available Story:

?My name is Blake (#2675). I’m a Golden Retriever approximately 3 years old, and I weigh about 60 lbs.

I have quite a history. I came all the way from China!  I am what they call a “dog meat survivor”.  Yep, I was rescued by some very brave people from TACN (Together for Animals in China).  I was in a big truck along with lots of other dogs who were on our way to be slaughtered for the dog meat market there. (Shhuuudddder!)   Our rescuers stopped the truck and demanded that all of us dogs be released.  After we were rescued, we were put into foster care by very caring people. And, then, because some very generous people donated money to Golden Bond Rescue on our behalf, I was able to come to America with a few of my friends.  Now I’m living with my American foster mom in Oregon, three dogs and a cat – and I like all of them – but especially my foster mom.

Even though my life before I came to Oregon was really hard, my foster mom says that that life is all behind me now. She says that life will only get better for me because I will find a wonderful forever person or family to love and care for me all the rest of my life.  I am sooooo lucky!!!  So, let me tell you a little about myself …

When I first got to my foster home, I was really busy and curious. I had been through so much in such a short time, I just didn’t know how to act, and nobody had really trained me how to behave.  But my foster mom started working with me and let me know what was expected of me.  Because I’m so eager to please, I caught on really quickly.  My foster mom says she’s really amazed and very proud of me.  I’m not perfect, but she says I’m a lot better. She thinks it’s because I feel safe and loved now so it makes me feel secure and settled.

I mentioned that I’m not perfect – and it’s true. I still counter-surf a little bit, even though I know I’m breaking the rules, and I love anything paper — occasionally I still like to grab the toilet paper roll and eat it as fast as it comes off.  It’s soooo much fun!  And my foster mom doesn’t trust me quite yet to give me the run of the house when she goes to work.  But that’s ok, I’m used to being crated.  She puts some treats in a Kong, tops it off with a plop of pumpkin, and puts it in the freezer while she gets ready for work so it gets nice and hard.  Then when she’s ready to leave, she gives it to me in my crate.  Pretty sweet!

I just love toys!!! I have lots of them in my foster home – Kongs and NylaBones, and some other really strong tuggy thing. They make me wiggle all over.  I really like to carry them around with me. I can’t have soft toys anymore though because I rip them up.  My foster mom says it could be bad for me if I ate them.  As long as I have those Kongs, though, I’m really happy.

I’m told that I’m a “love sponge”. And I guess I am. I just LOVE it when my foster mom pets me and talks softly to me.  I just hold really still and soak it all up.  I didn’t get much attention or affection when I lived in China.  I like to lay my head in my foster mom’s lap because I know she’ll pet me.  I just love how it feels.  Sometimes when my foster mom pets she tells me how glad she is that I was rescued and her eyes get all watery.  She says it makes her so sad to think that I was treated so badly before and that I was going to be someone’s meal!  It’s just so hard to imagine.

You know, despite my difficult past, I’m a really happy guy. My tail wags a lot.  And what’s not to be happy about?  I know I’m going to my very own person or family someday soon!

You’ll notice in my photo that I don’t have much fur. My rescuers in China had to shave me to get every bit of weight off me they could because the airplane we flew on had a strict weight limit.  But my fur has starting to grow back.  Soon, I’ll be a very handsome Golden again.


I should tell you that I do have a problem with my hips. You’d never know it by the way I act, but the doctor says that my hips are pretty bad.  This means that I should be adopted by a person or family who isn’t very active.  I can’t be a running partner or do strenuous hiking.  But I can run around the backyard with the kids, and go for walks though.  I should really keep the weight off so that it doesn’t put extra stress on my hips – I’m about the perfect weight right now at 60 lbs.  Other than my hips though, I’m a pretty healthy guy.

If you think you’d like to adopt a special dog meat survivor like me who isn’t quite perfect yet but who really loves to be petted and will truly appreciate all the attention you can give me, why don’t we meet? You never know, we might be perfect for each other.

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Yes 10+
Availability: Adopted