Hey, there!  My name is Billy (#3308), but my foster mom often calls me Mr. Handsome.  I am about 1.5 years old and I came to the USA from China, were I was found on the streets at 4 weeks old.  A kind soul picked me up and got me to safety. Now I’m in the USA learning all about the pet life!

When I was found, my eyes were infected.  Once the infection was treated, it became clear that I was blind.  Upon my arrival here, I saw a doggie eye doctor. She said that I am fully blind, but not because of the infection!  I have a birth defect and was born without pupils. I do not need any medication – this is just who I am!  All things considered, I get around very well. So well, in fact, that my foster mom initially thought that I had some sort of vision. I walked straight into my foster home and began investigating without running into anything at all.  The eye doctor said that I’m sensing “air currents,” which someone said is like the Force. That sounds way cooler to me.
Just call me Jedi Dog.

My foster mom (FM) was pretty impressed with my behavior when I arrived.  I am potty trained, so no need to worry about accidents in the house! I don’t counter surf, I only bark occasionally, I won’t chew up your things, and I walk well on a leash.  Generally speaking, I’m a pretty easy guy! I am friendly with everyone I meet, I sleep through the night, and I love to snuggle. After a walk, FM wipes my feet and then I like to grab the towel and prance around proudly.  Once I do a lap around the house, I put the towel down and forget about it. My favorite toys are my tug toy and my stuffed animals. I come when I’m called (for the most part) and I will “sit” when there’s a treat involved. According to FM, I picked up “sit” so quickly that I shouldn’t need extensive training. She says I’m really smart and would respond quickly to basic training done either at home or in a class.

FM says that I have a moderate-high level of energy, depending on your perspective.  I still have puppy energy, so it’s important that I have opportunities to exercise. Right now, I get a quick 10 minute walk down the street in the morning and a 30+ minute walk in the evening, depending on FM’s schedule and the weather.  I also like to play once or twice in the evening for about 10-15 minutes. Once I am a little older, FM thinks I will become a generally chill dog. I would LOVE a big yard to explore, especially if I had a kid or a playful canine companion.  FM also thinks I would do really well at the dog park because I want to play with every dog I meet.

When I got here, I was very anxious.  New sounds were very scary to me. I have grown a lot over the past 4 weeks and am much more brave.  I don’t love the washing machine, but FM just turns the TV on to drown out the sound and I move on with my life.  I haven’t had any major issues on walks since my first week here, but FM thinks it’s a good idea to use a harness just in case I
encounter something that scares me.

FM is a teacher who works all day.  Even though I hate going into my crate, once I’m in, I lay down and wait like a good boy.  I don’t mind car rides at all – I lay down and relax. Initially, I was scared to get into the car, but not anymore!  I can hop in by myself if FM helps me find the edge. She says that I will always need help getting out because I can’t see where the ground is.  Little stairs would help. Oh yeah! I can go up and down stairs…I just go slowly.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to, I have an Instagram account!  It’s @FosterRangerBilly. FM says she will miss me SO much, but she is so excited for my future adventures!

Sex: Male
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 52 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted