Hello there! My name is Beverly (#3305).  My foster mom describes me as a “sweet little ball of energy.” She says you can just look at me for a second and I will light up your entire day.  (Isn’t that a nice thing for her to say?)  I love more than anything to run around and play! I am very good at sharing toys with my foster brother and we love to play tug and wrestle. I love going for walks and am great walking on leash, but my foster mom would highly recommend using a harness because I have a tendency to pull when I see something that excites me, like leaves blowing across the ground. I am very high energy since I am still a puppy, so daily walks are definitely a must for me!

I have some anxiety, but it has gotten much better the longer I’ve been in my foster home.  I have started to settle easier knowing that I will not be abandoned. With that, I think I would do great in a setting where my new owner worked from home or was able to come home during the day to walk me and break up my crate time.

I don’t like to brag, but you should know that I am extremely smart and have been learning commands very fast. I was almost 100% potty-trained in just two short weeks! I would totally thrive with some dedicated training either from my new family or a professional trainer.

I really don’t have too many bad habits. Things I need help with are staying off the counters and not bolting into every open space. If anything is on the counter, I am very determined and most likely will get it. (I am very talented that way!)  I like to rummage through anything, probably because I had to rummage to survive in China, so if you open a door to a room I will bolt in and rummage to find something fun to bring you and will be very happy and excited to bring it to you!  If you have trouble finding your dirty socks, don’t worry – dirty socks are my favorite thing to find so I will help you out.  Of course, if you’re against this sort of thing, some proper training could probably help me to learn to resist.

My foster family has one kitty in their house and I do really well with him.  Their kitty does not run when he sees dogs.  I think if my new family has a kitty, it would definitely have to be one that doesn’t mind me.

I am non-aggressive and don’t try to guard food or toys. I love going for rides in the car and sticking my little nose out the window. I am fully crate trained and am happy to go in as long as there are treats involved.  I have not been around children, but my foster family is confident that I would be great with them.

My foster mom says that I am “amazing and want nothing more than to be loved.”  I am a happy little girl with a constantly wagging tail and could sit and have you scratch my chest all day long.  If you’re interested in me, I hope you’ll let Golden Bond Rescue know.  I think we could be very happy together.

Beverly was adopted on March 5, 2020

Sex: Female
Age: 1 year
Weight: 52 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED