It had been six months since our precious golden had passed away and we knew that we needed another golden in our lives. We agreed to Foster to Adopt and we were sent two profiles of dogs, Luna and one other dog. We instantly knew that Luna was the dog for us! She arrived on the very last flight into America on Feb. 2nd 2020 before they shut down all flights in and out of China. Despite her history of being abused to the point her leg was broken, she is such a sweet and loving dog. She loves every person and dog that she meets. She loves to pull all the stuffing out of her stuffed animals and then carry them around the house. She never chews on anything but her toys and she came fully potty trained.

Luna is a little skittish of some things when we go on walks but she never acts like she has been abused in any way. She has a posse of neighborhood girls that she has trained, she barks a couple of times and they all come running over to our fence and give her belly rubs; she loves it. She loves to snuggle and be close to her humans and she will follow you if you go into another room. She is very protective of our newborn grandbaby, any time he cries she is right there checking on him.

She loves to go for walks, car rides and recently she went to the beach to play in the ocean and to the lake and played on our paddle board. She is living her best life and we hope that she has forgotten her abusive past. If anyone wants to follow her success story they can find her on Instagram- @Luna.coconut.

Luna’s energy level and her disposition are exactly what we were looking for in our new golden retriever. We believe that our golden that passed over the rainbow bridge guided Luna to us knowing that she is the perfect dog for our family. We could not be happier and we look forward to many years of memories we will make with our Luna Coconut. Thank you Golden Bond Rescue!

Betty was adopted on February 29, 2020