It was April 1st, 2016 when my Golden Retriever, Irie, passed away. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I knew life and family wasn’t complete without a Golden, having had a history with this incredible breed. As part of the healing process, I found researching the Internet on Goldens, to be therapeutic.

My wife and I are strong proponents of rescue dogs (having personally rescued one of ours) and when we found Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon, our research immediately ended. We were amazed and blessed at the same time, after extensive review of their website. It’s not just their compassion or mission, it’s more about leadership and volunteers that make it happen. With this said, it was obvious that we wanted to adopt a GBR dog. And we did! As we scanned through the list of available dogs, we found the one…Betty # 2672. She was the Chosen One and we made it known to the GBR staff, that we wanted her. Against nearly impossible odds, we were told, “Not to put all our eggs in one basket!”, that GBR could not hold any dogs and that we would have to go through the process and simply be patient. We prayed about it and never believed for one minute that Betty wouldn’t be in our arms and in our home as one of the family. Our prayers were answered when we received a call from Kelli Steinberg in early May and on May 13th 2016, we picked Betty up from her foster home.Betty3

Betty is amazing and has quickly adapted to her Fur-ever Home. This due, in part, by the compassionate care of GBR volunteers, especially the personal care and love generously given by her foster parents, Jeanette and Roger Paris. Thank you!

We knew all along, Betty, who we renamed “Bessie”, could never find a better Fur-ever Home than ours!  She spends her days playing and taking walks on our two acre farm with her new sister and brother. She loves taking rides in the car and always lets you know when you aren’t going to take her with you! She loves everyone and greets them with such excitement. Any surprise? She’s a Golden – just one of the many wonderful traits of this amazing breed.

Thank you GBR for all you do. We feel very blessed to have found and adopted our girl, Bessie. Our family is now complete!

Fred and Diane Wright

Betty was adopted on May 13, 2016.

Betty’s available story:

Betty 2672Hi!  I am Betty (#2672) and I am new to America.  I was rescued recently from China.  My rescuers named me Betty, a very American name but my foster mom calls me Betty Boop sometimes.  I am 3 years old and very spunky and playful.   I like to chase my tennis ball, play with my toys and forage for edibles in the yard.  I like taste-testing the more colorful flowers but I was told they are to look at – not to eat.   The family dog has to wear a funny looking plastic cone all the time and now so do I since I was spayed, but only for one more week.  I am taking pills for my itchy skin but it is getting better each day.

Pretty soon, after the cone comes off, I will be able to run and jump after my tennis ball at the school yard and roll around in the grass.  I would like to go to a home that has another dog(s) that like to run and play also.  My family thinks I am smart and goofy and I am learning new commands and willing to learn more as long as there are treats involved.  My vet said I need to add a few pounds but not too much.   I don’t like being left alone for too long but I do not bark or carry on like the neighbor’s dog does.   I do not engage in fence fighting – it’s bad manners I’m told. I am learning it is bad manners to counter surf.

I have finally adjusted my “inner clock” to West Coast time.   For awhile I was waking up way too early (3-5 am) but I’ve learned to sleep in until six or so when I can have my breakfast.  Then I can do a daily walk around the neighborhood and in the afternoon go to the schoolyard or a park.  I like meeting other people and dogs and I would like to learn how to jog. I certainly have the energy for it! I haven’t seen any cats in my neighborhood so I don’t know how I would react to one.  Betty 2672a

I like having my own bed and dog dish.  I don’t like vacuum cleaners – way too noisy – I will leave the room when it gets too close.   I like sitting next to my foster mom in the evening and I will put my paw on her leg sometimes for more attention if I think she’s paying more attention to the tv than me.   I like sleeping indoors next to my family on my own bed.   I am potty trained but do not like going outside when it’s dark so I am learning to do my business before sundown.

My new life is so much better here in the USA!   Would you like to adopt me and show me more about this wonderful country?  If so, you won’t regret it.

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted