My Benny – My Hero

What a life he led.

Benny was rescued by Golden Bond from a shocking situation in Asia where he was abused. They found him in a horrible condition suffering from worms, malnutrition, fleas and covered with awful scars on his face and body. It was love at first sight. We both needed to be healed and my life became filled with nurturing his.

Benny was the most grateful and non-complaining pup and despite all the pain he had suffered, seemed grateful for all the vet visits and treatments he received. Benny spent three days a week at ‘Doggy Day Care.’’ It’s a wonderful home where the owner’s 5-year-old Jack took it upon himself to nurse Benny with Band-Aids gently applied to his old scars, and blankets during nap time and of course more treats than the old pooch should have eaten. Benny loved going to Doggy Day Care and would wag his tail when we turned into their long drive.

Benny was a great traveling companion; he didn’t interrupt my constant chatter, or complain at my frequent stops for Diet Cokes. He listened patiently to my tales of woe over concerns for my grown children and only once did I possibly see an eye roll when I was singing off pitch. Benny loved our walks and made it his ambition to water every single blade of grass on the trail and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air on the ferry rides across Puget Sound.  He was a big hit at the Senior Center where I work, trudging along and snuggling up to all the seniors who’d pet him.

Like many larger breeds, Benny’s hips began to complain and so we eventually fit him a fancy pair of hot wheels. The first few steps were a little precarious and he landed flat on his tummy, but in no time he was racing all over as if he was born to be wild. We put socks on his back paws to protect them from dragging; he was one fancy old dog.

Eventually we knew Benny’s time was nearing an end and had prepared ourselves for the inevitable. In some animal way I’m sure he knew too. I didn’t want him to suffer, and I didn’t want him to be in any pain. He was in high spirits and loving life until the end.

Benny started sun-downing the way the elderly do, so I slept downstairs to comfort him. It was worrisome to watch him pant and become confused in the evenings. Eventually he stopped eating and although we tried tempting him with his favorite morsels, he just wasn’t interested. One morning he pooped himself and I could see how humiliated he was. When I checked, it was a black liquid and I knew we had met our fate.

Of course it was the day of the big Seattle snow, but my friend Eileen and I managed to get him to the vet. His doctor was waiting for us, knowing what was to come. The other love of my life met us there.

Benny was exhausted and his usually bright eyes were clouded and tired. He was done. After the initial shot to calm him, the vet gave him the deep sleep and finally his breathing slowed to a stop. Benny looked up at me and then closed his eyes for good.

We sat holding him and cried broken-hearted tears. I adopted Benny with the intention of saving a suffering, abandoned and unloved animal. As I think about Benny now and our wonderful years together, I think he did the very same for me. He was my hero. And my thoughts drift to the people who made my Benny possible, who brought him into my life, and how I could never thank them enough for giving me the most precious hero I’ve ever known.

Thank-you Golden Bond Rescue.




OurBenny Benny is absolutely the most wonderful dog… in the entire WORLD!

Benny is adjusting so well! He is loved by everyone and as his new vet told me, Benny MUST keep his figure…. so no treats. So I have a little sign thanking the seniors but NO Treats.

Benny loves to sit in the card room, while the seniors are playing Bridge, he goes from senior to senior for a pet. The seniors adore him; every day he is smothered with pets, hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement! It is really quite exhausting! But Benny just sits there and lets his adoBenny2Newring fans smother him with love…

He enjoys our daily walks through the woods at St Edwards park, in the evenings because it is dark so early we walk through the gardens at Bastyr University. The University is a Natural Health Science so its vegetable gardens are full of interesting plants, even in the winter. Benny is a favorite with the students.

He also likes to visit the music room and gives emotional support between pieces.

From Street Dog to Ambassadog, that’s our Benny!

Benny was adopted on November 9, 2014.

Benny’s Available Story:

Benny 2471Hi everybody! My name is Benny (#2471). As you can see from my photos, I’m a Lab and look a little rough on the outside, I’ve had a pretty tough life, but let me reassure you, I am 100% love bug on the inside.

I am 5-ish years old. I wish I could tell you what life was like for me living on streets. You can probably imagine that it wasn’t very pleasant. I have a scar on the bridge of my nose and right ear – both are healed.  My teeth are worn down from eating whatever I could find, but they are in good enough shape to comfortably eat my dog food twice a day. I’m being fed a pretty tasty high quality dry dog food (blue mt – grain free) to gain a little weight.  My favorite toy is my tennis ball – I love to chase it bring it to you.

There are a couple of dogs living next door who bark at me but I don’t bark back. I am comfortable being either outside when the weather is nice or inside when evening comes.   I’ve really enjoyed sleeping on the covered patio on my mattress; however when the weather gets chilly, I’d like to indoors snuggled next to you!

I don’t have accidents in the house. My foster mom calls me a landscaper because I like to pick up rocks and move them around the yard. I don’t chew up or dig up the plants, that’s important to know.

I’ve been called a gentle dog who loves to be brushed, petted and played with.  You should know that I need to be on a leash whenever I leave a fenced area because I like to run but I will come back if you have a treat.

I don’t need lots of long walks – a nice walk every day would be great, along with a game of fetch in the yard. I’ve been working hard learning commands like: sit, shake – still working on coming right away when you call me by name (I didn’t even know I had a name or that I could be loved.)

Let me show you what a great companion dog I could be.

The vet said I need to gain a few pounds and that’s super because I love, love, love food. I’m looking and feeling better every day. The thing I want most is my own family. I really love attention and I will calmly sit by your chair as long as you scratch my head.

Benny 2471A note from Benny’s foster mom:  Benny is a very calm, sweet, gentle guy who just wants to be loved. He will however, bolt through the front door and ignore you as he goes exploring on his own. Fortunately he can be lured with food.

Benny has been through a lot in the past couple of months and who knows what he went through prior to coming to Golden Bond Rescue. He is doing wonderful and will continue to learn when he gets to his forever home.

Sex: Male
Age: 5-ish years old
Weight: 40 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: yes, Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted