Howdy! I’m Ben, newly-named “Rookie”, as I’m the third in a line of male Goldens in my new family over the years. Apparently I have some big paw prints to fill, but I’m up to the task. After all, Ken Griffey Jr. and Russell Wilson were once rookies, too.

Unlike many of my compatriots out there, my past was anything but sad. I was loved by a family, whose young son became allergic to me. A big bark out loud to them for relinquishing me to GBR, as hard as that was for us all. I shudder just thinking about so many good dogs whose humans are not as caring and responsible as mine.

It seems I’ve hit the jackpot twice, as my new family is head over heels in love with me. I have an older brother, Rex, who is almost nine. We have become good buds, chasing bunnies together, going on walks, and snoozing back-to-back. My peeps love to hike, camp and sail, and I have already been on lots of new adventures. I am a swimming fool, and there’s a lake nearby apparently just for me. My Momma says we are gonna go to school together, whatever that means. But I’m smart and eager to learn, and since I’m full of mischief, she says that will help me stay out of trouble and keep my impeccable manners up to snuff.ben2

Four paws up for the great folks at GBR who facilitated my big move, and for all the good work you do for countless pups like me. Life is good!