Bella Bella (#3300) arrived from China on January 12th.

When I got here from China everyone thought I was timid and mellow. I was just sad because I didn’t know if I trusted the people yet. OH BOY DO I TRUST THE PEOPLE NOW! I love people! I want all the attention there is to have.

I love to cuddle, and I want attention all the time. I love pets so much that I even make little groans to say thank you. I sometimes gently press my forehead against my people while I soak in their scratches and love. If you stop petting me, I may give you a little paw to remind you to continue, but foster mom and dad are working on that with me.

I am 99% potty trained. I have had 2-3 #1 accidents in the house over the course of the month, but I haven’t had one in at least a week and I’m doing well. I take a little convincing to go outside in the yard, but once I’m out there I’m happy as a clam, especially with my foster sister, Henley. She’s a golden retriever, too! Foster mom and dad are working on walks outside since I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. I tend to pull a little, so they use a harness. I’m also so excited about the new smells I can’t decide which side I want to walk on!

I love treats! Learning to sit was very easy because you can convince me to do pretty much anything for a treat. I like treats to invite me outside in the yard and to go into my crate and to tell me I’m being a good girl. I just really love treats! I do eat my meals very fast, though. My foster mom thinks a slow feeder for my meals would be good for me. I’m happy to eat alongside my foster sister, Henley. I don’t even bother her while she finishes since she’s a slow poke at the whole eating thing.

I’ve been hanging out in my crate when foster mom and dad leave the house. I cry a little at first, but I don’t mind it in there. I’m very content hanging out in the crate with the door open even when they’re home to chew on my toys and take naps.

I have itchy skin from when I was in China. Oatmeal shampoo baths, lots of scratches and a fish oil pill in my food help a lot! It’s already improved so much since I got here. I also love the excuse for more belly scratches!

I love my foster sister, Henley. I didn’t understand toys at first, but once I got the hang of it, I became a master of playing tug with my sister! We love to chase each other around the yard and rough house, too.

My back legs are still pretty weak, but I’m working on it! Long walks and running around help. I think an active family or another dog to run around with would be great for me so I can work on building strength in my back legs. I’ve gotten along with every dog I’ve met so far, but I don’t quite understand personal space yet and don’t mind stepping in front of or on Henley (my foster sister) to get where I’m going or try to get attention from the people. I may not do well with a protective dog, but I’m very willing to try!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this new country is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to meet the people who want to give me endless love, attention, belly scratches, treats and my forever home. Are you my people?

Sex: Female
Age: Approximately 2 years
Weight: 53 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted