Hello!  My name is Bella (#2918).  I recently flew in from China and am looking for my forever home.  I have a very unique look to me.  Sometimes it appears I am very sad, but I’m really not.  I just have a silly face.  I might have a little bit of something in me besides Golden but I can’t say for sure.   My eyes are kind of saggy like a basset hound, especially when I first wake up.  My foster mom says it’s ok, her eyes do the same thing in the morning.   Then there are my paws!!!  Everyone comments on my how big my paws are. (At least they aren’t commenting on my back side right?)   I’m about 4 years old, and weigh 88 pounds. The vet says that’s pretty good for a big girl like me.  They tell me I’m going to the vet in the next few weeks to be spayed, whatever that means. Otherwise, I’m a healthy happy girl.

A few things about me other than looks and medical stuff.  I get so excited about food and will do my happy dance when it’s time to eat! I have learned that trying to get stuff off the counter doesn’t go over well and since I knocked over an aluminum water bottle I’ve been scared to look up there again! I have a super soft mouth and take treats gently.   Sometimes I am a wee bit mouthy but I never apply pressure, I’m just not sure what to do with my mouth when I’m so excited.   I’ll get better with that.  I am not the typical Velcro golden, I am very content to go lay down by the back door for a nice nap.   I do have lots of energy and love to go on walks (or jogs).

My mom says I have learned some things like sit, shake, down, and go to bed. She also says I’m completely potty trained and will even tell you when I want to go outside. I heard her tell someone that I do something called “snoring” but she was smiling when she said it. I also haven’t really found much to bark about. Mom says that’s good. I say I’ll let you know when I have something to say.

I love tennis balls! People throw them for me and I go get them and then just keep them all to myself. Who said a retriever always needs to bring things back?

I guess I’m what they call a “frog dog” because I like to lie with my back legs spread out. When mom speaks to me I just wag my tail. She says at times like that I am a silly dog.

If you ask my foster peeps, they’ll say I’m a sweet girl who deserves to be the center of someone’s world. Might that be yours?

Bella was adopted on March 1, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 4 years old
Weight: 88 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: No; Cats: No; Kids: Teens
Availability: ADOPTED