Bella has brought so much sweetness and energy into our home. She has bonded very well with our four-year-old golden retriever, Brianna, who came into our home as a tiny puppy. Walks in the woods, strolls in the park are never dull with the two of them. Their constant curiosity with noses to the ground, or in the air, almost in sync is laughable.

Bella, while still a puppy at 11 months old, at least came with house training intact. She also understood the commands come, no, sit, and lay down….the last command is not one of her favorites. She also loves walks with us, especially with Brianna, and does very well on a leash. Since her arrival, we are so impressed with what she has learned. She sits and waits for her food until she is released to eat. She is doing well with “wait” in other situations as well. She really loves dried sweet potatoes, and does “spin and sit” with enthusiasm to receive a bite.

Bella is a cuddle dog. She  cuddles with Brianna in front of the woodstove. She cuddles on the bed or couch with any of us. She even tries to cuddle with the cat often with less than positive results at first. Surprisingly, the cat does realize that she is young, and is now more gentle with his reprimands and reminders, and on occasion, even favors her with a nose-touch greeting in the morning.

Adopting Bella has been a heartwarming experience. There’s no going back. She is one of us now. I believe she is very happy herself as she has no problem being just Bella. Next step, puppy training. Brianna doesn’t know it yet, but she’s getting a refresher too.

We are grateful to Golden Bond Rescue folks for allowing us to adopt Bella, and helping us through the process and transition that are necessary.

John and Cyndi

Bella was adopted on March 11, 2017

Golden Bond Rescue would like to introduce you to Bella (#2783).   Bella is an 8 month old female. She was adopted by a man and his aging father from a friend of a friend in Sacramento, California. They had her less than 24 hours before they realized she was too much for them.  Bella is doing well in her foster home. She’s a real cutie!

Sex: Female
Age: 8 months old
Weight: About 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Unknown; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED