Bella #2454


We said goodbye to our “Rosa” yesterday around 6pm.  My friend, the vet that does home hospice and euthanasia at home, came out for a calm goodbye.

Her cancer was swift was aggressive.  Her liver was almost entirely tumors, and her spleen had huge tumors as well (hemangiosarcoma). She was doing ‘okay’ but showed signs of really slowing down yesterday, not wanting to eat her breakfast and an abdomen that was getting more distended by the hour.  She was obviously tired.  We knew the only thing to do for her because we love her so much was to let her go before their was a horrible painful crisis and we did not want that for her or us.  She had some steak and her favorite raw milk strawberry slushy (that she didn’t even want all of).

She went very peacefully and will be privately cremated at the Tacoma Mortuary and returned home to us in a week or so.  The house is very quiet, with Doshka (her best friend) and Noble showing signs of confusion even though they were present.  Tim is obviously devastated as Rosa had chosen him for her special human.

We feel blessed to have given her 2 1/2 years of fun, love, security, good food, medical care and more love to make up for her 8 or so years of hell she spent in Taiwan in the puppy mill then thrown to the streets of hell,  hungry, alone, fighting for food and in pain from numerous dog fights and wounds. Suffering was not going to part of her life with us.

She left wrapped in her favorite blanket with a sweet pink rose on her from the garden…. I miss her smile and her barking excitement for breakfast. bella-rosa2

Rest in Paradise my sweet Rosa.

A quick note to let you know the girls are doing fantastic.  They have settled in great and are loving life.  We couldn’t be happier with them.  Bella, nka Rosa, is still learning and gaining confidence.  She was uneasy about car rides before- now, she jumps up and down and runs circles around the car when she knows it’s her turn to go somewhere.  We’re still working on it only because she hasn’t quite figured out how to get in or out.. ha ha..  Playing is one of their pastimes and after meals is time to play!  Doshka likes to roll around on her back as Rosa swats at her..

Thanks again for saving them and getting them to us.  We absolutely love them.

Sex: Female
Age: 5-7
Weight: 60 lbs
Attributes: Dogs: Yes
Availability: Adopted