Beau was my 5th foster with Golden Bond Rescue (then his name was Pooky).  When I got him he was very timid and always hid under tables or in closets and was scared.  It seemed as though he had been abused.  Within days of having Beau it was discovered that he had hip Dysplasia and needed surgery.  After his surgery I took him for 2 months, 3 times a week for aqua therapy at Back on Track.

By this point Beau and I were pretty bonded and he had endeared himself to my heart so I adopted him.  I changed his name to Beau.  Beau was my only “foster failure”.  He was the most sweet, gentle and loving Golden I had ever met or owned.  When I had people come to meet one of my other GBR fosters for potential adoption, on several occasions they would meet Beau and ask if they could adopt him.  I always just smiled and gently said “no, Beau is mine”.

When we would come home, Beau would always greet myself or my wife at the door with a happy wagging tail and a stuffed animal in his mouth.  Beau was a ventriloquist and could give a resounding bark with a stuffed animal in his mouth.  We have had a pillow on our family room couch that says “Beau – there is no other dog like the Bo Bo” and there is nothing further from the truth than that.  Beau was special and a GIFT!  Beau was a gift of a beautiful soul and love; and I will always be grateful to Golden Bond for giving me the gift of Beau in my life.