My Benny. He came to us by a phone call from my husband’s niece and her husband, Angela and Mike, who were assigned to foster him. His name was Barney, a yellow lab about two years old, weighed 39 pounds and came from China. They knew we were looking for a rescue after losing our beloved yellow lab, Sandy. We applied and were approved by Golden Bond so we made plans to meet him and renamed him Benny. We met him a week before bringing him home but knew by pictures and progress updates that he was the right dog for us. He was the perfect size and temperament for Stampe farm life.

Benny arrived in his foster home early January and was formally adopted on an easy day to remember, Valentine’s Day. We were blessed that most of his housebreaking was done at Angela’s home, along with no chewing, running on hardwood floors, and paper shredding (that was short lived). He also learned some tricks that we practice nightly. At one point I think he thought his name was Drop It as he picked up everything that didn’t move. Benny is a quick learner, likes to please, and has become my shadow. I move, he moves.

The first time Benny met my horse, Buddy, he looked at him as if to say “you’re rather big” and Buddy looked at him “another yellow dog?” Benny was content to watch from the barn door while I fed Buddy and that has been his pattern ever since. He has been introduced to pheasants (which we raise and release), wild turkeys and deer that pass through our place but has no interest in chasing them or squirrels, for that matter. We are lucky to have such a mellow dog considering the environment that he came from. In the month and half that he has been with us, Benny has been to six county/state parks and a day at the beach. He loves going on walks and has a slow trot that matches my walking speed. The bonus is that he’s not a leash puller – I couldn’t have asked for a greater walking partner! Benny has many traits like our old dog, Sandy, in the way he sleeps, plays fetch, walking with leash in his mouth and doing zoomies at any given time. He’s a fun pup. Labradors seem to inhale food instead of chew, and Benny is no exception, but a maze bowl has helped slow him down some. He is now up to 49 pounds and almost at his target weight. With good nutrition (and many snacks), his coat is turning beautiful and sleek.

A big thanks to Angela and Mike for finding Benny for us and giving him such a good start.  And a special thank you to Golden Bond for all you do to find forever homes to homeless dogs, both nationally and internationally.  Dogs take time to develop and find their niche in a home – Benny has already found his in our hearts and home.  My Benny.







Here’s Barney (#3306).  Barney arrived from China on January 12, 2020.

Barney was adopted on February 14, 2020

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 39 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Unknown; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted