Hey there superheroes! Are you looking for a new sidekick?  I’m Bandy (#2827), and I’m your guy!  I’d love to help you with everything you do.  Laundry, walks, car rides, or watching TV, I’ll be by your side.  I’m about 9 years old, and I’m a handsome mix.  My dad was a Golden, and my mom was a Lab, Boxer, German Shepherd mix.   I’d say I mostly have the loving, eager-to-please nature of a Golden, but I also show my herding side since I always want to know where my people are.

I used to live with a lady who had me since I was a puppy, but her health prevented her from caring for me anymore, so I am looking for a new furever home. I lived a fairly sheltered life there, so I have been learning how to get out and about.  I didn’t really know how to go for walks, but thanks to this thing called a harness, I walk daily around the neighborhood.  I love being outside and really enjoy walks.  There are so many things to smell!  I don’t pull on my leash, aside from when I see another dog.  Then I’ll bark and pull to go see them.  I’ll need some continued training to control my emotions before I can make doggie friends.

New places can be a little scary for me, so I’ll need time to get used to anywhere we go. I always love a good car ride though.  Whenever the garage is open, I like to go check out the car and see if I can hop in!

I am overall pretty healthy. I am at a healthy weight, and I only eat when I feel like it.  I do love peanut butter or jerky treats though and will gladly eat those all day long!

At home, I am pretty mellow. Cuddling is my real expertise.  I always want to be near you, and the closer to in your lap I can get, the better.  I’ll let you know how much I adore you by sticking my nose right in your face and sniffing a bunch.

I do like my dog beds if I can’t be on a person.  I’m not big on toys, but I do enjoy a nylabone every so often.  You can sometimes find me tossing it around and prancing like a puppy.  I sometimes get some zoomies, especially before or after a walk.  I settle down after a few laps though.  I can stay home alone without causing any trouble, but I’d rather you hang out with me.  I’ll cry a bit when you leave, and eventually just sleep.  When you get home, I’ll be right there at the door waiting for you.

I’ve been working with a trainer to build some confidence and trust with my foster parents.  I can show you all the neat things I’ve learned so we can keep working on them.  I’d like to be an only dog and really prefer men.

I’m dreaming of a quiet home in the country where we can go on long secluded walks.  After our walks we can hang out at home and I can help you with whatever you are working on.  I just hope you have as much affection to give as I do!

Bandy is a special dog for a very special home!


Sex: Male
Age: 9 years old
Weight: 66 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: No Cats: Yes Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED