Bailey’s Story

Bailey (#415) came into Golden Bond Rescue in May 2003 as a sweet and endearing five-month-old, unspayed puppy diagnosed with OCD and needing shoulder surgery. The owners gave her up due to a lack of finances.

Bailey’s veterinarian agreed to help Golden Bond Rescue with the cost of the surgery. At the time, it looked like Bailey’s medical care would not be major and that the recovery period would be fairly quick and easy.

After Bailey became a Golden Bond Rescue dog, the foster home noticed that she seemed to have some hip problems. X-rays determined that not only did Bailey have shoulder problems, but she also needed hip surgery. The good news is that Bailey is young enough that she does not have to have hip replacements, but rather is a candidate to have the hip sockets rebuilt so the ball of the femur will fit into the socket properly. Since Bailey was already a Golden Bond Rescue dog, there really was no other option but to proceed with the surgery.

Thanks to all who contributed to The Bailey Fund. It was through generous donations that Bailey was able to have the necessary surgeries and relieve her of life-long disabilities.

Update: November 12, 2003

Bailey had the surgery on her left hip last Thursday, November 6, 2003. She is doing remarkably well. We have to keep reminding her that she is a bit delicate and cannot rough-house with Dealer like she wants or tag team with him and the cats. She just doesn’t get it. It is good to see her already putting weight on the leg, not a lot but she is trying. She will have her stitches removed in another week and then she can start therapy again. For now, short walks are about it.

The other thing that has been amazing since she had her surgery is that she had gotten… okay “spoiled” by her foster family. She was cuddling up with us on the bed but after her surgery, we gave her a comfy place to sleep on the floor so she wouldn’t climb up or jump off of the bed. Three days after bringing her home, we woke up one morning to find her in the middle of the bed with us. The stinker likes the softness of a king-sized bed and she was determined to get there. I have no idea when she climbed up but she did. Oh well, it seems as though her right leg was in better shape than we thought.

Dr. Goodman says that Bailey will be ready for adoption in about 5 more weeks. She is really looking forward to her forever home where she doesn’t have to fight for attention or get tripped over by a clumsy male golden. She is looking for a home with children as she left a home with children and her tail wags just a bit faster and wider when children come around. She also needs someone who is committed to her exercise and weight. She cannot afford to become overweight (she is not right now — she is at an ideal weight) so daily exercise or even twice daily exercise is perfect and a must. She also has grown up with cats. In the home she grew up in, she had her own kitty named Tiger Lily. She really would like to have a kitty friend, and maybe one other dog to romp and play with. After all, she is just a puppy who is finally feeling well enough to play.

Bailey sends her wet sloppy kisses and tail wags. Keep up the well wishes and good thoughts for her.