It’s Bailey here! I am very pleased to tell you I am doing better.  After initially arriving at my furever home with Kennel Cough it was a rough start.  My human slept on the couch for the first few nights as I would cough through the night.  Now that the Kennel Cough is over I’m back to my normal level of Exuberance.  The human tries to walk it out of me by walking 3-4 miles a day but I sleep while he works so I recoup quick.

I have also been to the groomer and met another family dog that I see once a week.  Oh and we are going on car rides now.  I love car rides so much that when we get home I stage a protest and don’t want to get out of the car.  The silly human then has to pick me up to get me out of the car.  If I feel especially goofy I will spread all my legs to catch the door frame on the way out in hopes he will let me stay in the truck longer.  That trick has yet to work.  The training of the human has gone well and he knows that napping is not allowed in the back room and only in bed.  There has been some give and take in the training of the human and by that I mean that I am following some commands he gives now.  It’s a give and take relationship.Bailly2648

Hope all is well with the other fosters in the Golden Bond program.  Overall I am one happy pup!!


PS:  The human needs better furniture.  There was an unfortunate incident early on when a couch pillow exploded.  Investigation of the incident came to no conclusion on how it happened.  See my picture above and let other fosters know of the potential for explosive pillows in furever homes.

Bailey was adopted on April 12, 2016.

Bailey’s Available Story:

Bailey 2648It’s me, Bailey (#2648), and I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a big, beautiful boy with a big personality who never really had a chance to be a puppy since I spent my whole life either tied up outside or left in a kennel by myself. I’d love to find a home where someone would spend a bunch of time with me as I love attention, love to play (especially with those crinkly plastic water bottles!) and would love to be YOUR special companion!

I learned to bark for attention so I try to make sure you know when I need to go potty, want to play, or just need attention, but I’m a smart boy and am learning how “no” works and that there are better ways to get what I want. Could you help me continue to learn to be the best dog I can be, because I’d love to work together with you on this?

I would benefit from an owner who talks to me calmly and confidently as I can get pretty worked up if I hear a lot of excitement in your voice. I’d also probably be best as the only dog in the family. Even though I get along with other dogs, I can get overly exuberant. Probably a good idea not to tempt me with cats either.

Bailey 2648aI do love to be outside so maybe you do, too? I love to run and play like the puppy I never got to be so we could have fun together outside! And I can be calm inside. I do settle down nicely in a crate. But really I’m happiest when I’m right next to you. I love to be brushed (did you notice my nice long, silky coat?). I am almost blind in one eye but it’s painless and not a problem for me at all so don’t let that distract you from seeing my sweetness and good looks!

I really want to keep learning because I’d love to be someone’s special companion. I’m a good, smart boy and have a lot of potential – and a lot of life yet to live! I just need one special person or family who wants to give me the time, love and stability I need to prove how truly special I am. I will reward you with my love, devotion and constant companionship.

Sex: Male
Age: 8 years
Weight: 82 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Okay; Cats: No; Kids: 12+
Availability: Adopted