Aspen, the wonder dog.

Aspen is a four-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever. She is such a sweetheart. Friendly with people, dogs & cats. Really loves fetching the ball and playing with all her stuffed animals. When she came to us in March 2019, she had her favorite stuffed animal, the cat or we call her “Baby”. We still had Rocky’s toys and stuffed animals. Rocky was our beautiful Golden that we lost right after Christmas. He had over 40 stuffed animals in his basket. Aspen loves all of them. She’ll pull at least 6-8 out at a time and has them all over the house. She’ll roll on her back with a stuffed animal in her mouth and kick her feet in the air. Just a happy girl. When she sleeps, there’s always a stuffed animal in her mouth.

Aspen is our 10th Golden and our 5th from Golden Bond. Our last three, Maple, Rocky and now Aspen we fostered and then adopted. Aspen came from a family that allowed Golden Bond to find a forever home for her. We greatly appreciate their kindness. Aspen came from the Ukraine as a puppy. Most of her puppies are used as service dogs. Her temperament is incredible. So calm and patient. We’ve had blonde and red goldens, but never a white English Cream Golden. She fits in so well with us in our house. My wife, who has M.S. loves having Aspen in her life. We have already registered her as a service dog and plan on going through “Petpartners” therapy animal course. This would allow Aspen to visit patients in hospitals. She would be great at that. She goes with me every Tuesday for my Meals on Wheels route. Aspen has already done several home visits with me for Golden Bond. Login, Rocky and now Aspen all did home visits. She especially does well when there are dogs in the home. So friendly and loving, it’s awesome. We did have one concern when we took Aspen home, Zoe the cat. Zoe is a Bombay all black cat. We just got her weeks before we got Aspen from the Sherwood Cat Shelter. The best cat shelter there is. What a great place and it turns out, Zoe and Aspen love each other. Zoe wants to be friends and Aspen loves it.

We’ll start every day with a walk. Either down the street to the park, or in the car to a park. Aspen does great in the car. She just lays there and looks out the window. We are looking forward to going on vacations and taking Aspen with us. Aspen loves the dog parks, hiking or in the off-leash area playing with other dogs. At first, she was right next to me, now I open the back of the car and she’s off playing with the other dogs. Last week we met a group from Golden Bond and their dogs at Mary Youngs Park in West Linn. It was great seeing so many Goldens. We usually go on two-three walks a day, we both like it. We have a large yard that’s all fenced. She loves running downstairs and hanging out. You can tell she loves her new home and we love her.  At the end of the day Aspen sleeps between us in bed. She’ll put her head on my wife’s lap and falls asleep. Really cool.

But this would never of happen without Golden Bond Rescue. When we requested what we were looking for in a golden, we were thinking we’ll never get all that. Then we got the call and they told us about Aspen, it was beyond our expectations. Another great volunteer picked Aspen up and we met in Salem. We couldn’t believe how beautiful she is. Took her home and several weeks later she was ours.

Golden Bond deserves so much for the joy they have brought to us and others over the last 10 years by allowing us to adopt these beautiful dogs.

Thank you Jude, Lyn and Kay.