We adopted a golden over a decade ago from Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue and there was no doubt we would go through the same process when we were ready to adopt again. Of course we would adopt another golden! We talked through our situation with GBR and agreed to be part of the Foster to Adopt program.


  We heard that the GBR was bringing some pups from China and had kind of been watching the Lemonade Tour story unfold on Facebook when I received a text about a 5-month old lab mix pup that was available to foster. He was recued from a shelter in Wyoming and appeared to need our family. The answer was “of course, we’ll take him!” It turns out Loki is a lab mixed with – we think – cattle dog.


Loki was shy and spent about 48 hours in my lap before his real personality started to emerge. He LOVES EVERYONE! What a sweetheart! He will cuddle with whoever is available and play with whatever person or animal has time for him. Loki immediately wanted to be VERY close friends with our other pets. Our 11 ½ year old Golden, Cassie, and our cat Elphaba were not amused at first, but as Loki has learned to settle down, they have become great siblings. He especially adores our children, ages 13 and 19, and has been a great middle school (and occasional college!) classmate during this pandemic.



We have learned a lot about herding breeds since July! Loki is a big boy who is very smart, but he likes to work and exercise his mind so we need to be creative. We have discovered feeding toys and games that are essential for his personality. He found obedience training to be a bit “boring,” but oh my does he love agility!




Needless to say, Loki has become a permanent member of our pack. Thank goodness for the Lemonade Tour! We are so grateful to GBR and so glad you opened your hearts to this gem of a pup so that he could find his family here!

Loki Likes: playing, herding, swimming, hiking, food, garbage, everyone – animal or human!
Loki Dislikes: baths, the vet, that’s about it.