Annual General Meeting – February 26th, 10:30 am-12:30 pm

We hope you can attend our Annual Meeting on February 26th which will be held at the Oregon City Pioneer Community Center (see bottom of page for address). This is your opportunity to find out what GBR’s Board has planned for the organization in 2017; ask those burning questions which have been on your mind; give suggestions; find out about other volunteer opportunities; and enjoy spending a couple of hours with like-minded dog lovers.

We are excited to announce that Natasha Dolezal, Deputy Director, Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School, will be our guest speaker. She is the director of the world’s first and only advanced legal degree in animal law and teaches within the Center for Animal Law Studies animal law curriculum.

Ms. Dolezal is also the director of the Kenya Legal Project through which she co-taught with Professor Kathy Hessler the first animal law course in Kenya in 2014. The Project focuses on assisting Kenyan lawyers and wildlife professionals in their efforts to enhance and enforce legal protections for animals. She is also a board member of Humane Oregon, an organization whose mission is to help promote humane treatment of animals through participation in Oregon’s political process and elections. Ms. Dolezal speaks widely to international audiences about animal legal education and animal law issues in Kenya.

For the past three years, like many other golden retriever rescue groups in the USA and Canada, GBR has been rescuing, in addition to local goldens, international goldens, primarily those in Taiwan and China. To date, GBR has rescued approximately 150 goldens from the streets and shelters of Taiwan and 50 from China’s dog meat market.

In light of our International rescue work, we felt Ms. Dolezal would be the ideal speaker for our Annual Meeting. Not only is she an expert in international animal rights but as a board member of the Humane Oregon, she is familiar with Oregon’s animal laws. Ms. Dolezal will be able to tell us how international animal rights are changing in some areas of the world and not changing in others.

Come join us for what promises to be an interesting subject, plus a chance to visit with those volunteers you rarely get to meet.

If this isn’t enticement enough, WE’LL HAVE DONUTS!

Date: February 26, 2014
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Oregon City Pioneer Community Center
Address: 615 5th St., Oregon City
Which Room: We will be in the basement room which is accessible by the ramp that is on the corner of Washington and 6th.
Sorry, this facility does not allow dogs in the room we are using.