Hello everyone!  My name is Angus (#3283) but my foster Mom calls me Gus or Gus Gus and I just love it! I get so excited when she calls me because I have finally learned that is my American name! Whenever I hear it, I trot back in excitement knowing that is MY name, I’m Gus!

If I had a wish list for my forever home, it would go like this (not necessarily in this order): I would like at least three Kong’s to choose from so I can carry one with me wherever I go, bully sticks…oh yes, I would like lots of bully sticks, walks-yes, please because I love to stroll and take my time smelling everything. I want a family that will let me take lots of naps, give me lots of belly rubs, and will help me keep my ears clean. They seem to stay dirty all the time and my foster Mom tells me that I don’t have to live with itchy ears or a shaky head, she says in the US dogs can have clean ears and skin that doesn’t itch. She took me in for what she called a “spa day”, WOW did I LOVE that. I have people doting on me and sat still to take it all in. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t let them do. So I am going to add that to my list of what I would like in my forever home.

I like adventure, I love riding in the car, I love going to the pet store, I love going to see my foster Mom at work (because all of the ladies there LOVE me). What I do NOT love, is my crate. However, yesterday my foster Dad said we were going to have an experiment and my foster brother, and I were part of it. And then he just walked out of the house and there we were left to fend for ourselves. So, I went to sleep on my dog bed and my foster brother went to sleep on the couch.  I still don’t know what any of that means but when my foster Mom finally came home a few hours after my foster Dad left, she was so excited, and she said we passed the experiment. She said we didn’t eat ANYTHING in the house. Well, of course we didn’t, who was there to feed us dinner?!

 From his Foster Mom: Gus Gus has been one of the most easy-going foster dogs that we have had. He adjusted to our home immediately. He is incredibly mellow and because of that, he will not do well in a home looking for a running or hiking partner. Gus is more of a “long walks in the bed” kind of dog, if you know what I mean. He loves walks, I bet he would love the beach. He’s always up for an adventure out and is great in the car. He has done so well with our dog, that I do not have any reservations about him being in a home with other dogs. As a matter of fact, I think he prefers it. Gus is a hard chewer, after finding this out the hard way (many toys were shredded that day), we have given him an assortment of Kong’s and the rubber West Paw dog toys. He absolutely loves carrying those around and having something to chew on. Gus is 100% lovable and very easy going. He came house trained and knows how to shake a paw. The only warning is that Gus’s begging habits are pretty aggressive and that will need to be worked on. Don’t leave any food within his reach or it will magically disappear. I learned this the hard way when he stole the chicken off my plate. We are working hard on correcting this but we are up against a pretty powerful biological dinner clock!

Angus was adopted on December 26, 2019


Sex: Male
Age: 6 1/2 years
Weight: 82 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes, but lower energy dogs; Cats: No; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED