Angel #2334

2334_angel_1My name is Angel (#2334); I’m not real sure how I got it but it fits, at least most of the time. I guess I am between 6 – 8 years old; however, my attitude is much younger. As you can see by my photos, I am an honorary Golden Retriever but I do have a beautiful gold undercoat that makes me look fantastic in the right light. They say a lot has gone into my breeding but it is probable that I am part Golden Retriever and part Labrador Retriever.

I was left at Animal Control by my person because he knew I needed more help than he could give me. You see we did not actually have a home and a visit to the vet was out of the question. When Golden Bond Rescue picked me up, I was in need of lots of help. A visit to the vet revealed that I have Cushing’s disease. That’s where the body produces too much steroid hormones. I am now well regulated on medicine that takes care of that, but I will need to be on this medicine forever. I have a couple of patches of thinned hair on my back from the Cushing’s that are growing back. I also had to have some teeth pulled which makes my smile a bit lopsided, but my mouth feels much better.

2334_angel_2I am 72 pounds and about average Golden Retriever size. I walk well on a leash and have very good house manners. I am a bit of an opportunist though; if there is something good to eat on the counter and it seems like it is not being watched … well, what is an enterprising girl to do? I am good with other dogs, but have not been evaluated with children and cats.

If you have a place in your heart for an older, experienced woman, please contact Golden Bond Rescue with any questions.

Sex: Female
Weight: 72 lbs