From the moment Andy, now Bernie, met his older sister, Sasha, a German Shepherd, we knew the two would have a better life together. The car ride home was just the start of the two of them being attached.

Bernie has been an absolute joy to our family and has spent every waking moment loving on us. When we first brought him home, he and I had a short chat. I told Bernie, “Hey boy, I want you to know you’re finally home. You’re safe. My wife and I, along with Sasha, really like you and I kinda hope you like us, too.” As strange as it may sound, I’m pretty sure he understood everything I had to say.

Bernie is often described to others as being “so cute it hurts.” It’s amazing how well he’s fit in to our family in such little time. It only gets better from here. Thank you GBR for rescuing Bernie and introducing him into our life.


Andy was adopted on January 15, 2017.

Andy’s Available Story:

AndyHi! My name is Andy (#2760). I am a very handsome (and strong) boy.  I made the long trip from China. I was pretty thin when I got here and I was hungry hungry hungry.   I was so excited I’d try to knock the bowl out of my foster mom’s hand so she said I needed some manners.  (I wasn’t sure what those were.)  Now she fills my dish and we walk to my room (well, I run excitedly) together, I sit like a good boy while she sets my dish down and when she says “ ok” I gobble up my food.  It’s sure yummy.  I also love treats of any kind.  I’ve been taught to take treats “gentle” and sometimes if I’m too aggressive they take it back (um what?) and say try again.  So I’ve learned to try really hard to be gentle.

I have two foster siblings and they are really nice to me and are helping me learn that this new life is good. My foster sister was kind of snippy with me but I’ve worked hard to win her over and now she gives me doggie kisses in the morning and is trying to teach me to not play quite so rough.   Speaking of that, I really don’t mean to play so rough but it’s just so fun and sometimes I pounce a little too hard and I have big heavy feet, so I need some work with that.  I love to play fetch in the yard, and run in circles chasing the other dogs.   The other thing I really love is towels.  I have to have my feet wiped when I come inside (what a pain) and when I’m done I want to steal that towel and shake it around and play with it. I’m told I am a really sweet boy and a typical golden.

Andy wavingI love people a lot.  I will sit and let you hold my paw for as long as you’d be willing.  I’m good with other dogs, but I’m not sure how I would do with cats.  I need some work on leash walking, my foster mom uses a freedom harness because she says I’m “so strong”, but I’m trying to do better because I love walks.   I don’t bark much at all, in fact the first few weeks no one thought I had a voice.  I do, I just use it wisely. I’m pretty sure I’m house trained, I’ve had no accidents but I’m also in a kennel when no one is home because they are worried about dog squabbles.  (not me, my foster sister the princess. )  I’m sure there is a lot more about me I’m forgetting to say but if you are interested in making me a part of your family, my fosters will tell you everything they know about me.  They say whoever gets me for their own is going to be so lucky but I think I’m going to be pretty lucky too.

Andy lying downFrom the Foster mom: Andy is a sweet, lovable boy.  He is very easy to train, he’s learned all the basic commands mostly by hand signals but is now responding to words.  He loves treats, so rewards for training makes him eager to please.  He loves riding in the car, but will need confined until he learns what is expected. He will beat me to the front seat every time if not in a crate.  His only accidents are when he first came in the house, he immediately had to stake his claim and did the same at the groomers so I’d watch his first few minutes entering a new place, after that he’s been perfect.  The only real concern is his strength, when we say he’s strong he is STRONG.  He would benefit from some good training to keep everyone safe.   He just gets so excited that he can’t help himself but I know he will learn quickly because he’s very smart.

Sex: Male
Age: About 3 years
Weight: 65 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Teens
Availability: Adopted