It will soon be 6 months since Sirius (GBR Andrew) came into our lives, and it’s been the funnest, cutest and loveliest experience in our lives. He’s filled a void in our lives that we never knew existed!


Sirius’ mom (GBR Charlotte) arrived on a flight to America in Feb 2020 and had 9 little surprises for us. Sirius’ foster family took the best possible care of Charlotte and her babies and we watched him grow thanks to GBR’s amazing social media team. The entire adoption process was a breeze (GBR is so professional and helpful) and we got him home on May 11th 2020, and he’s filled his new home with joy and puppy energy!!


Sirius is a mischievous little puppy who LOVES meeting new dogs and people. He loves to be cuddled but enjoys tug and being chased even more! He learns new tricks really fast but fails in executing them when required (Where’s the fun if he comes to you as soon as you call him, right? :D)


He is a water baby and loves it in all forms – lakes, pools, sprinklers and muddy puddles. He has a huge collection of sticks that he brings back home from walks and is quite possessive about them. We can’t wait to see how big Sirius becomes because of his unique mix of golden retriever, springer spaniel and newfoundland, but he’s always going to be our goofy little baby and we’re looking forward to our adventures together.
You can follow his shenanigans on instagram – @the_sirius_way.


It’s horrible to imagine the plight of Sirius, his siblings and Charlotte if GBR hadn’t saved them and we cannot be more thankful! Thank you Golden Bond Rescue for all that you do!