Hi, I’m Amy (#2942). My foster mom says I am a classic Golden Retriever–I love people, am friendly with other dogs, like chasing tennis balls, and am happy and loving. She says I could be the poster girl for Goldens everywhere. Water??

I am about four years old and come from Shanghai, China. Have you heard of a Velcro dog? That’s me a lot of the time. Seriously, I don’t think you could kiss, cuddle or love me too much.

I love my walks and am pretty easy to walk. When we see people and dogs, I’m friendly and want to greet them. I get along fine with my foster dog brother but he isn’t much interested in me. We share toys and balls, but both of us are possessive with the really good stuff like Kongs with peanut butter in them, bones and rawhide chews.

I am housebroken, well-behaved around the house and can stay by myself without any problems. In the car, I am kind of a talker–I woof when I’m excited we’re going for a walk and I woof when I see other dogs. Around the house I’m generally quiet.

The vet says 75 pounds is a perfect weight for me. In the future, I’ll probably need a teeth cleaning but I have no big health issues.

I love kids–they think I‘m cute and love petting me. Cats? I saw one at the vet’s office once and wasn‘t super excited; my foster mom thinks I‘d probably chase them.

My foster mom says I am very smart! She thinks either I had some dog training in China or she is the best dog trainer in all of Oregon. I caught on quickly with ”shake,” “fetch” and “wait” (I have to sit quietly before I get my food) and a couple other commands.

I really want my forever, ever, ever home soon. I was taken out of my foster home in China to come to the US and my current mom tells me I will have to leave her too. But I am excited about a new forever family that will love and kiss and play with me forever–is that you?

From Amy’s foster mom: Amy is a snuggly, attentive dog. When you pet her, she closes her eyes as if, “Ohhhhh I’m so in heaven right now.” She can be needy and underfoot at times, but the longer she’s in foster care, the less Velcro-like she is.

Because she’s a young dog, she’lI need some training in a few areas. I think Amy is very trainable because wants to please and is smart and food-motivated.

The best family for Amy would be one where she gets lots of attention and is an important part of the family’s activities. She’d do best as an only dog or with just one other dog so she gets plenty of attention. Amy has asked me to make sure her new home has a soft dog bed and some toys for her. She needs daily exercise–she’d enjoy a couple walks a day and playing fetch sometimes. Amy is very interested in other dogs so doggy daycare or off-leash dog park visits might be fun for her.

This is a very sweet, happy, loving dog–a classic, All-American (via China) Golden for sure.

Amy was adopted on February 27, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 4 years old
Weight: 75 pounds
Attributes: Dogs; Yes; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED