Amos #381

AmosWe lost our sweet boy Amos on December 30th. We adopted him through Golden Bond in 2003, and he was the best dog ever. We miss him every moment of every day, Yes, he was very spoiled. He was not only an indoor dog, but he often slept on our bed or the couch. He went with us everywhere – camping, snow trips, beach trips. He loved every outing and seemed to view it all as just one more adventure after another. He went to work with me from time to time, and my employees loved to come to my office and tickle the fur on his ears, and he thought that was very special. He ate that up. He loved people and would do anything to be with his people – us and all our friends – who thought the world of him. He was great with other dogs and very protective of dogs that seemed vulnerable to being bullied, but he wasn’t so good with cats. Good thing there was a fence between us and our neighbors.   amosball

Amos was also incredibly handsome. People everywhere would approach us and tell us what a handsome boy he was, and he’d strut his stuff, seemingly knowing the topic at hand.