Amber “Stitch” #2570

Stitch 2

Recently we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Stitch, when she lost her battle with melanoma.  She was such a joy and we loved her dearly for the short time she was with us.  She loved chasing squirrels in the backyard, racing around the fence line at full speed, tunneling through the undergrowth in the yard, trips to Starbucks for a “puppicino” and daily walks with Dave.  She never did get used to riding in the Explorer but seemed to tolerate it more as time went by.  We aren’t sure if we rescued Stitch or if she rescued us!  Rest in peace, golden girl.



Amber’s Success Story:

Amber (we renamed her Stitch) came to us at about 7 years of age – full of energy and love.  She has quickly become part of the family, moving right in as though she’s been here forever!  She looks forward to her morning walks with Dave, there is just so much to see and smell.  Another favorite pastime is tunneling through the undergrowth in our backyard; talk about a lot of things and critters to sniff and chase after!  She still doesn’t like to be out of our sight for long when we are home but is doing better.  Riding in the Explorer is another of her not so favorite activities but she is getting better about riding in the back where she can see out all sides.  Next weekend we are going to the beach and looking forward to seeing how she likes the ocean and sand!

Amber was adopted on June 26, 2015.

Amber’s Available Story:

Amber #2570My name is Amber (#2570).  I am a beautiful redhead with a flare of white on my chest and white spectacles around my eyes.  I must have been someone’s pet because I am well behaved and reliable in the house and know basic commands, but somehow I ended up as a stray and was picked up by the shelter.  The nice people at Golden Bond Rescue came to the shelter to rescue me. They started to call me Amber, but I don’t respond to that.  I wish I could tell you what my original name was. After trying out hundreds of names to see what I would answer to, my foster family has discovered that I like the name “Stitch” the best.

I have been very happy in my foster home with a couple of little dogs to play with and share my big bed, and a big backyard and best of all, SQUIRRELS!

I love to run around the back yard as fast as I can.  My foster mom says I run like the wind. I like to chase balls – sort of – I like to run after them, but I’m not very good at bringing them back.  I get distracted by all the other interesting things to discover. Best of all, I like to smell where the squirrels live.  I even stand on my hind legs and try to climb the trees to get closer to them.

My foster mom says I am such a good girl; I do not beg or bark.  I am pretty lean and tall, so my nose can reach the top of the counter and sometimes I like to sniff at things near the edge, but so far I have not snatched anything.  I am quiet and affectionate, with a sweet, gentle disposition.  I love to be with my family.  I sleep on the floor near their bed and during the day when I am not exploring outside, I like to sit or lie close by and watch.  But I don’t get underfoot too much.  The vets at first thought I was about 9 because of my grey face, but I have a lot of energy, so now they are saying I could be 7.  Amber #2570b

When I was found as a stray,  I had a growth of tissue on my gums that definitely detracted from my pretty looks.  The good people at Golden Bond made sure it was removed and tested.  Unfortunately it was malignant.  The doctor got good margins when he removed the growth to make sure he got it all.  And since then I have had four rounds of treatment with a new vaccine to keep it from coming back, either there, or anywhere else in my body.  If you think you’d like me to be part of your family, you could talk to the Golden Bond people about me.  I plan to have a happy, long life, and it would be even happier if I could spend it with my own forever family!

Sex: Female
Age: About 7 years
Weight: 59 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted