Albert #2562

My dear, sweet, wonderful companion and friend, Albert, passed away August 13, 2016.  He came from Taiwan and into my life May 11, 2015. He was about 9 years old, 15 lbs underweight and came with a variety of physical problems. The most important thing he came with was a big heart full of love. As I write about him I am flooded with memories.

I remember what a calm, easy going guy he was, and the love he gave to, and received from, everyone he met.

I remember thinking about changing his name until a friend nicknamed him Prince Albert. He was a Prince.

I remember the things we did together, and his goofy antics that made me laugh.

I remember his excited anticipation of a ride in the car, and his total contentment when he got belly rubs.

I remember the patience and tolerance he had with my 3 year old grandson’s enthusiastic efforts to play with him.

I remember his white smiling face and the twinkle in his eyes.

I remember his head in my lap, the sound of his breathing and the comfort of his presence.

Yes Albert…..I remember.

His last year was a good one. With medication and acupuncture, he was physically more comfortable. He had places to go, things to do and a safe, secure home where he could love and be loved. We had so little time together but the love that filled that time is a gift that will forever be part of me.

Albert’s Mom



My Mom says it is polite to write thank you notes. I always want to do the right thing so I’d better get cracking since my mom says this week is my “4A-Day”, which she says means Albert’s-American-Arrival-Anniversary Day. It’s been year since I came from Taiwan. I was about 9 years old. Getting here was quite an interesting adventure. I remember that everything looked different and smelled different. I’m a really mellow, easy going guy so it didn’t stress me out too much but the weirdest part was I didn’t understand one word anyone said!  Anyway this nice lady took me to her house. I didn’t know she was going to be my Mom and this was my forever home. I checked it all out, found a soft place to sleep but I kept my eye on everything. Then she fed me!  Did I mention that I like food? I weighed 66 lbs then. When I tipped the scales at 83 a few months ago, she said “OK big boy, you are cut off.” I think it meant I was on a diet.

My life is pretty neat. I have lots of special people. My Aunt Patty brushes me and gives me tummy rubs. Cooper plays with me and takes me for walks. He’s 3 years old so I let him think he’s in charge. I go to the park all the time. I’ve been picnicking, swimming and camping.  Everywhere we go everyone talks to me and tells me how handsome I am. I love, love riding in the car and Mom takes me everywhere. I particularly like the gas station and bank. I hang out the window and they say “Hi Albert. Did you come for your treat?” Duh. But mostly I just hang out with Mom. I have been having something called acupuncture and it sure has helped these old joints and I feel pretty darn good. So thank you Golden Bond for finding my Mom and my forever home.

Albert was adopted May 24, 2015