“Alan” in a shelter in Taiwan, and “Woody” today

Alan #2627 came from Taiwan in early November. He was to be my 16th foster (all the previous 15 had successful adoptions), but instead he became my first “foster failure”! I knew from the moment I brought this sweet little guy home that I would never be able to let him go. He fit into our home immediately like he’d lived with us forever. Forest (our first GBR dog, adopted 5 1/2 years ago) also accepted him quickly and they’re now best buddies. alan26275

Alan became “Woody” because he’s stocky and sturdy and loves the woods, the same as his brother Forest does. He runs joyfully and almost like a puppy (the guess is he’s about 4) as he checks out all the new smells. Woody is a happy boy whose tail is always wagging, is up for any adventure, and can’t get enough lovin’. I feel so fortunate to be able to have this sweet dog in my life and know that we’ve given him a second chance and a good life!

Alan was adopted on November 20, 2015