Ace #3278

Hi! I’m Ace (#3278), but my foster parents call me Chase because I am full of personality and love playing chase with my dog friends around the yard. Although I may not understand many English words, my foster family tells me I am very smart. Whenever they give me the command to “come (here)”, I immediately come running because I know I will be treated to some welcome love and attention. They don’t even have to tell me twice! Within a couple days with them, they taught me to sit and I learned to “high 5” for a treat.

Although I am only 1-2 yrs old, I am very calm, polite, and obedient. I do LOVE to play with other dogs and am very well adjusted around male and female dogs of all sizes and ages. I do get really excited when I meet a new human and like to jump up to hug them, but we are working on my greeting manners and I am catching on. When not playing with my dog friends, I really enjoy some snuggle time with my humans.

I am a well-adjusted dog that doesn’t need a lot of attention but when I first arrived in my foster home I was very nervous and stressed from my trip. My foster family has given me lots of love and tells me every day what a good boy I am, that made the transition much easier for me. They don’t know anything about my previous family and home but they think I was well treated and trained from the time I was a puppy. My foster family thinks I was fed in the kitchen from the refrigerator since whenever food is taken out I get really excited and I watch intently for my turn to eat, but I don’t counter surf or take anything I’m not supposed to.

My foster family has 2 SUPER FUN Goldens, one of them is older so I don’t really play with her at all, but the other is about my age and we have the BEST TIME EVER!!! They also have a cat that loves dogs and lets me sniff her once in a while. I’ve tried to get her to play by gently jumping towards her but it’s no use, she’s just not as fun as playing with my dog friends so I am fine letting her keep her distance.

The other day I got a bath at this fun dog wash place. There were lots of other dogs and noise from blow driers and barking dogs, but I didn’t mind at all. I kind of enjoy getting a bath, and boy am I soft afterwards! I also don’t mind at all getting my nails clipped, ears cleaned, or teeth looked at. All this pampering makes me feel like a king!

During the day I am perfectly content to hang out with my dog friends in their massive dog kennel, or if it’s too cold outside I am completely crate trained and content in either place while my foster parents are at work. Sometimes I get to go to doggy daycare for more socializing and dog play, what a blast!

I am going to miss my foster family SO much but they have promised me that there is a perfect family with a fun dog to play with that is waiting for a dog just like me.

Ace was adopted on February 6, 2020



Sex: Male
Age: 1 year
Weight: 67 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED