Zeke #0070

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge January 24, 2009

Zeke #0070Zeke (#70) came to us in August of 2000 at age 4, as a foster straight from the vet. Golden Bond had saved him from euthanasia from the Heartland Humane society. He needed care for a wound on his neck where a chain that confined him to a 20ft radius, had been on too long and was embedded into his skin.

Zeke lived a life where he had not seen the inside of a house in years. He was frightened to come into the house but was very friendly outdoors. Zeke joined a 2-year-old female Golden named Candee who was full of life. She showed him that it was OK to be in the house and that he could have fun off a chain. The papers that came with Zeke said that since he was not trained as a puppy he was unable to learn new skills. Boy, were they wrong.

Zeke #0070The week following getting Zeke, we took him with us camping on the Oregon coast. He instantly was in his element and we quickly knew he was going to be ours. Granted, he was the 5th foster dog we housed, but there was something special about this big boy. Zeke and Candee were a matched pair in color and size. Candee had seen 4 other dogs come into our house and then go to their forever homes; we couldn’t send this one away.

Zeke had a smile on his face always. See him with our granddaughter as she leaned against him playing with a toy. He was the most gentle and bounciest dog we had ever seen. Weighing 90+ lbs most of his life, he bounced whenever he greeted someone and then it was with at least 2 toys in his mouth.

Zeke #0070Cancer came calling the summer of 2008 for both of our dogs. Candee died at age 10 from Mast Cell tumors in October 2008. Prior to loosing Candee we knew something was wrong with Zeke. We never found out what type of cancer Zeke had. All we knew was that he had a large mass in his abdomen that would soon take his life. 3 months after Candee’s death, Zeke at age 12, joined her at the Rainbow Bridge, at least she isn’t alone. Can’t tell you how hard it is to loose one precious Golden but to loose two so close together is unimaginable.

We want to thank Golden Bond for bringing Zeke into our lives and hearts. There is no moment of regret, only so very many fond memories and a computer full of great pictures like the one of the two beautiful goldens playing in a field of green. That has to be what it is like near the Rainbow Bridge, don’t you imagine.

Jim and Rena