Shya #1802

Adopted Jan. 11, 2009

Shya #1802 was a surprise Christmas present delivered to us on December 24th for my 90 year old mother that lives with us.

Her foster parents, Geoff and Lise, changed her name to Isabella and we kept that name.  “Izzy” is a very sensitive, well mannered, gentle spirit, and beautiful Golden who has adjusted to her life wonderfully.  She and our cat, Shady, are becoming friends after months of just looking at each other. 

Izzy has a best friend, Hawkeye (male black lab), that we go on walks with in the woods and on trails around Corvallis.   Hawkeye is more of a free spirit type of guy and it is very heartwarming seeing them enjoy each other. 

Isabella is a very sweet and wonderful girl that has brought much joy to our household.  We are so thankful to Darlene, Geoff, and Lise, to have made this match happen!!