Sheba #1866

Adopted June 25, 2009

1866_sheba_1Sheba has been us with for a little over a month now, and at first she was a little nervous with her new surroundings. She also has a bit of a blustery nature – which we’re working on – but since then, she seems to have settled in just fine. She is a smart dog that has learned a daily routine very quickly – she loves to go on nightly walks and always does a little dance for her dinner. She was very overweight before she was given to Golden Bond, but her foster home helped get her back on track and we hope she’ll keep on slimmin’ down to the right weight.

After a couple of weeks we could tell Sheba needed basic obedience training lessons with a trainer. Since she started her lessons, she’s made good progress, especially on walks. She’s still working on some other basic manners through her training but overall she is a very sweet dog. Sheba can usually be found sleeping or laying on top of the cooling vent in the kitchen – and who could blame her?

1866_sheba_2Sheba LOVES cats. I think Sheba’s number one wish would be to frolic in the fields, surrounded by tons of meowing little kitties. It’s funny because she’s not aware of her size but she loves to “check out” cats to see if they’ll play. At first, our cat – who’s a bit of a meanie – was extremely suspicious of her. But now they’ve learned to get along in harmony, now that the cat has realized Sheba means no harm! :-)

Again, Sheba is a very nice dog – and we expect that she’ll only improve with more training as time goes on. We’ve never had a Golden Retriever before so we’re very happy to have a dog like Sheba as a part of our family now.