Sammy #044

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 29, 2009

Sammy #044Sammy (#044) crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 29, 2009 at home with his family. He found his forever family in June of 2000 and we were together from then until the end. When he first came into my home he was just under 2 years old, had never been inside a house, having lived in a backyard since being purchased as a puppy. He hadn’t been socialized with other dogs or cats and really had no idea what the world outside of a fenced yard was all about. We both knew from the moment that we met that we were meant for each other and went on to prove that for 9-1/2 years.

Sammy loved to go hiking, snowshoeing, anything outside and the more people and dogs the better. About the only animals he didn’t get along with were the squirrels that would try to invade “His” backyard, but he let them know in no uncertain terms that it was his territory and they were unwelcome guests.

Sammy #044He was active right up till the end and like the friend that he was he didn’t force me to make the decision to end his life. We knew the night of the 28th that he was going, but he wasn’t in pain and we were able to say our goodbyes, animals and humans. I slept with him that night and he crossed over the bridge the next morning.

He was my friend and he will be missed.

Thanks for bringing us together and for all that you do.



Adopted June 2000

Sammy #044Hi! I just wanted you and everyone at Golden Bond to know that Sammy and I are doing great. We’re continuing to find new places to explore and are both really glad that we found each other. Sammy has come a long way from the almost two year old who wasn’t housebroken, didn’t even know what the inside of a house was all about, and had never been socialized with other dogs. He now has all kinds of friends both human and canine, and even a few felines thrown in just to show that he’s broadminded. He loves hiking and snowshoeing as you will see in the attached photos, and while he likes swimming, he would rather lay in the shallow water and cool off after a long hike.

Thanks again for helping me find my best friend.


Sammy #044Sammy #044