Sami #1351

Adopted December 2007

Sami #1651We love Sami!  It has been almost a month since she came bursting into our lives with lots of energy and sweet love. It didn’t take long before she had a special place in our hearts.  Sami is a beautiful golden with a red coat and a mischievous personality.

I call her my beautiful “little red-headed girl”. She is the perfect match for us. She seems to know what each of us likes. She is gentle and loving with me, follows me around all day and lies quietly by my side. She loves to be petted and combed.

Sami #1651With our son, Ted, who is 16 she is wild and very playful.  They chase each other around the house playing games. Sami sleeps in Ted’s room at night.  And she is so happy when he comes home from school every afternoon.

With my husband, Wayne, she loves to walk. Every morning they walk down to get the paper and say goodbye to Ted as he gets on the school bus.  Sami walks with us and is getting better on her leash. Well, as long as we are the only people around and no other dogs!  She is very smart and has learned most of the rules of the house. She loves her new bed and has adopted a brown towel as one of her favorite toys to carry around.

We are all taking a pet obedience class together starting Jan. 5th Sami should have us all trained in no time! “THANK YOU” to Joy and all the other Golden Bond people who helped to bring Sami into our lives, our home and our hearts.