Sadie #1669

Adopted Jan. 25, 2008

Hi Everyone–
Sadie #1669This is Sadie #1669 sending greetings from “The Last Frontier”! Yup, I’m an Alaskan girl now. My mom was pretty sad after losing my predecessor, Ruby to cancer last year, and I came along to cheer her up– and I’m doing a fabulous job, if I do say so! I now have a big brother, Mo who is teaching me the ropes about life in the not-so- frozen North: I’ve learned how to swim in the ocean, how to use my nose like a snow plow and most importantly, how to be spoiled!!! Mom says I must have been either a princess or a clown in a former life, because I have the attributes of both.

Sadie #1669I’m meeting lots of new four-legged and two-legged friends, and I even live with a cat now (he doesn’t seem to be as enamored with me as everyone else is for some reason– maybe it’s because I eat his food when he’s not looking). I get to go on l-o-n-g walks every day and have been learning about flying in a small plane, because dad is a pilot.

Mom says I’m a wonderful girl and that it feels like I’ve always been a part of this family. And guess what? I’m going to have my first birthday in a couple weeks and I get to have a party with dog food birthday cake and everything! So, thanks to everyone at Golden Bond for helping me find my forever home. Mom, dad and I couldn’t be happier!