Sadie #1406

Crossed Rainbow Bridge June 4, 2011

Sadie (#1406)Sadie (#1406) was adopted in June of 2006 but in May of 2011 her family’s living situation had changed and they could no longer keep or care for her; so she was returned to Golden Bond and placed into a foster home.

June 3, 2011, Sadie went to the vet for a dental appointment as she had a couple of abscessed teeth; after 6 hours of seeming to be fine, she had three grand mal seizures, followed by almost constant disorientation, lack of mentation, and a semi-comatose condition.

Despite middle of the night emergency vet intervention and constant care during the day, she appeared to undergo brain swelling which wouldn’t respond to treatment.

By the afternoon of the 4th she was barely conscious; she was crying out and struggling to move. We agreed with the vet that euthanasia was the kindest plan. We stayed with her until she crossed the bridge.

Sadie was a sweet girl. Although we think she was mostly deaf, she had a little “happy dance” that she did whenever we came home and when it looked like it was dinner time.

We feel lucky to have cared for her during the last month.

Sadie’s Available Story

Sadie (#1406)Sadie (#1406) is a gorgeous blonde with thick, soft curls. She is a well-mannered lady from a good home.

Sadie is 9-1/2 but moves like a much younger dog and shows no signs of arthritis or other aging problems. She enjoys rolling in the grass, sunning and frisking with a ball or her Kong. She’s just as happy laying on the floor near people. She loves to carry her leash around.

Sadie has adapted surprisingly well after leaving the only home she knew since puppyhood. She is friendly with the two boisterous 4-year-old Goldens at her foster home but doesn’t play with them because they are too rough. She gets along well with cats.

She is outgoing and loves people. However, she growled at the 2-year-old in her home, which is why she is up for adoption. So, she’s better off in a home without small children. On the other hand, she has shown no aggression at her foster home and is outgoing around the neighborhood children.

Sadie is the kind of dog you can talk about your day with, hug and tell your troubles to (and get a gentle lick to make you feel better) and share your dreams with.

If you think Sadie is the sweetie for you, just give Golden Bond a call!