Sadie #1372

Adopted March 14, 2006

Sadie #1372Hi! My name is Sadie (#1372) and I am now a Canadian!! At first I wasn’t sure what a Canadian was (I thought I was a dog), but now that I’m here and still a dog I love being a Canadian!!

It all started a few days ago. After talking to a nice lady on the telephone, my Foster Mom told me all about a new family that I might want to adopt. She told me about Carolyn (I call her Mom now) and Bob (his real name is Dad) and Megan (she goes by Meg also) and they sounded like a family that I would like to live with. So they drove all the way from Canada to meet me and it was love at first sight! I gave them kisses and let them pet me and we got to know each other real good. I even took them for a walk. We all agreed we were a perfect family for each other and they took me home with them. I was a little lonely in the back on the ride home, and because I know how use just the right amount of sad eyes, they let me ride in the back seat with Meg. I was so happy. Now we’re home and I’ve met my two sisters, Holly and Katie. Well, I got along OK with cats before, so I guess I can do it again. I love my new Forever Home.