Rusty #980

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge mid-December, 2008

Rusty #980It was a bit of a logistical stretch, for Golden Bond volunteers Tami and Andy to agree to transport Rusty (#980) from Tillamook to Spring Bay Inn on Orcas Island WA, but thanks to their time, and loving concern, Rusty became our Associate Innkeeper in April, 2004. Although he weighed more than 100 lbs when he arrived, we learned of his love of swimming when he would follow us into the water during our daily kayak outings with guests! After a few minutes of “water aerobics,” we would coax him back to shore. Swimming, progressively longer walks through the forest, and dietary changes hopefully all helped him to more fully enjoy his last years. We lost him just before the Nor’easter blizzard of mid-December 2008.

Rusty #980Typical Golden: mellow disposition, attentive, social, eager to please, and a wonderful way to help “break the ice” when new guests arrived at the Inn. We all miss him!

Carl & Sandy



Adopted April 2004

Rusty #980From Rusty (#980):How close can you get to paradise? Well, Orcas Island, Washington must be pretty close. When, my wonderful foster mom and dad, Tami and Andy, brought me here, I thought we were just going on a wonderful vacation. Boy, was I in for a surprise! I met Carl and Sandy who own Spring Bay Inn and a new golden friend named Carson. Then I found out that this is my forever home! Wowie! Did my little ol’ heart flutter! Carson is being very patient, showing me how to help him as host to the guests who come to visit, paddle along the shore line and explore the wonderful woods we live in. Gol-lee, what more could a guy ask? Thank you Tami, Andy and Golden Bond.