Ruby #1307




We adopted Ruby from you in November of 2005. She instantly bonded with all
of us and us with her. I cannot even put into words how amazing a dog Ruby was. I say this because she passed away on June 6th 2014. It has taken me this long to post this because we all still hurt so much from losing her.

She was the best and most loyal dog anyone could ask for. We loved her so
much and she loved us . She loved our boys like her own and we nicknamed
her “Nanny Ruby” as she was always looking out for them- definitely not your
typical golden, as she would want to fight any other dog that came to close to
her boys. She was a wonderful blessing to us and we were heartbroken when
suddenly she had difficulty walking and then we found out she had cancer in
her spine/backbone .. She was full of life mentally but we had to make
the choice to not let her suffer any longer. It was one of the most
difficult decisions we ever made. She is missed every day. We know she is
running in heaven with Nick ( our other golden) .

Adopted November 14, 2005

Ruby #1307I’m Ruby #1307 and, boy does my new family LOVE me!!! It didn’t take me too long to know that this is my forever family. I have two boys that love me a lot and they love to play my favorite game of tug of war with me!! Which makes me sooo happy. I get so excited when I see them that I go and run to their rooms and grab whatever I find first and bring it to them and hope that it’s a toy… but sometimes they have to take what I find away (clothes, stuffed animals). It’s okay though because I am so good about listening when they tell me to let it go.

I do love to look for their food on the counter and eat anything I can find but I am learning that this food is not for me (but it sure does taste good!) : )

There are also two cats that live with me now but I don’t understand why they don’t want to play!? They even scratched my nose and I cried!! Maybe they will get used to me so we can play.

I have a big backyard that I love to chase the squirrels in and I get to go on walks a lot to a park that has ducks and geese. I think it is pretty fun to watch them, but I am such a good girl and I don’t even bark or try and chase them.

I know that this family loves me a lot and I get to live with them forever! This makes them pretty happy too!!