Riley #1834

Riley #1834 was adopted on August 23, 2012.

Riley’s available story:

riley 1834Hi, I’m Riley (#1834)!

I’m almost five years old, but I still get mistaken for a puppy all the time. I am a lean 65 pounds, and I want you to help me maintain my youthful figure (and my youthful personality). My favorite thing in the entire world is running around off-leash in the outdoors, especially if there is water involved (I love to go for a swim, no matter the weather!). My second favorite thing is going on walks around our neighborhood! My third favorite thing is a good cuddle session. Do you think we could do these things together? I also have a short attention span, so I’m just going to keep typing!

First, a little more about me. For the past three and a half years, I’ve been with my second Golden Bond foster family. I perform basic voice commands with ease, I’m well potty-trained, and I’ll sit and watch you for eye contact before I eat or go outside. I’m currently in search of my fifth home, so I want to make sure this one is just right. I was teased by the kids in my first home, and developed some fear issues around kids and men (those have long since passed, fortunately). I didn’t last long in my second home, but I found myself with a wonderful Golden Bond foster for my third home. Now with my second Golden Bond foster (my fourth home), I am a happy boy – friendly with new people and dogs, and I seem to be fine with the kids I meet on the sidewalk (though I haven’t encountered too many).

Riley 1834I’m very responsive to my name, and have an incredibly solid recall (even at the dog park, where I can get quite distracted). Not to brag, but I’m fantastic with other dogs, and would adore a buddy to romp around with. I’m not much for wrestling, but I’ll chase until the sun goes down! I would be fine without another dog too, especially if it would mean more attention for me (I love it when my long golden locks are petted gently!). I am wonderfully-behaved at the veterinarian’s office, at the kennel where I board when my family goes out of town, and any other time I’m left alone in the house (never longer than 8 hours). I’ve taken courses in basic obedience, impulse control, and introductory agility. I loved the agility class, and would have lots of fun doing more of it, but I am not a good competitive prospect.

I get pretty excited about things (especially new friends – dogs and humans alike!), and I am always up for another adventure, no matter how much I’ve already done that day. And squirrels! Did I mention squirrels! I live for the thrill of simply catching a glimpse of that bushy tail! I don’t have any experience with cats, but they sure do look a lot like squirrels to me…. I don’t want to mislead you – I will take a good long nap during the day, but I need regular, intense exercise to be content. Most importantly, I really need someone who can take me somewhere I can get a good run. I am a fine jogging buddy, but still need that off-leash run. In between all of the running, napping, and cuddling, I’ll want to follow you around a bit (just because I enjoy your company so much). I am a lanky boy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love food! I’m highly food motivated – just try and get anything past my big huge nose! I also eat my meals at a pace unfit for proper digestion, so my family makes me roll around a puzzle ball to get the kibble pieces out one-at-a-time.

Another thing – I’m not a ball dog (I don’t quite live up to my retriever namesake), and I’m not a hog with toys. I do have minor sensitivity issues about my paws, so if we’re going to shake, please be slow and gentle. I used to be a little skittish and I startle at sudden noises and fast movements, but that is mostly behind me now.

I’m a great guy, and I’m looking for a wonderful home to match. Might that be you?