Reba #1315

Crossed the Rainbow Brindge December 20, 2009

Reba #1315On December 20th, 2009, Reba (#1315) crossed the Rainbow Bridge after her kidneys finally gave out. She brought so much happiness to me, my extended family, and friends all over the West Coast. She will always be known as my “Sweet Potato, Honey Bear, Fluffy Pumpkin, Banana Bear Bean,” and for her perfect, gentle, and loving personality. Reba was approximately 13 when adopted in January 2006, and with the exception of later kidney disease onset, was in great health to the end. She loved to carry stuffed animals with her, chase balls indoors — but not outside — and to snuggle on the floor, couch, bed, and well, everywhere.

Reba #1315Thank you for helping her be a part of my life!



Adopted January 10, 2006

Reba #1315Hi! My name is Reba (#1315) and guess what?! I’ve got a NEW home!!!! I’m so happy. My foster mom was great, but I LOVE my new dad. My new dad plays with me (we romp with my stuffed frog), takes me on walks (I take my ball), brushes me all the time (yay!), gives me baths that help my itchy skin feel better, and makes sure I take my medicine. He even rubs my belly. I’m 13, he’s 31 — Jody [adoption coordinator] must have been dyslexic when she matched us up! I’m the first dog my dad’s ever had: I’m extra-special to him and he’s extra-special to me. Don’t tell anyone, but he even calls me special names… my favorites are Fluffy Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Bean!