Oliver #1850

Adopted April 27, 2009

1850_oliver_1Hello! We thought we would share with you our experience these last couple of months with out new addition to our family, Oliver #1850, He has been a very welcome & friendly addition to our home. Within the first five minutes of being in our house he made himself as home. He trotted around like he had lived here his whole life & instantly adopted one of the boys’ stuffed animals for himself.

Our youngest, Alex, was not the biggest fan of dogs when we were discussing whether we should get a dog or not, so we were not sure what to expect. But, after about 10 minutes of being around Oliver he proclaimed loudly that “this is the dog for us, I love him!” It was clear we had a great dog on our hands if Alex approved!

He is definitely not your typical insanely crazy puppy. He is amazingly calm & very gentle with the boys. Out oldest son Nick will basically lay on Oliver & he just site there loving every minute of it & is in no way aggressive towards the boys when they play. And sometimes the three of them can really get going! He has been camping with us and had a wonderful time. We actually wore him out!

He is so calm that we can take him to our business with us. He does not jump on customers & the employees think he’s great. He knows exactly who to head for a good belly scratch when he walks through the front door at work! Smart dog! He will lay by my desk so close to the chair, I can’t get out & take his morning nap. He is very obedient (ok, so not so much when you give the command “come” .. comes with being 6 months old I suppose), very smart and quick to learn. Golden Bond has stood behind their dog & we couldn’t be more pleased. Oliver is a great dog & we are so glad he came to join our family. He fits right in!