Norman #1071

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: November 20, 2008

Norman #1071Norman (#1071) followed Nani (#376) to the Rainbow Bridge on November 20, 2008. This big, beautiful, amiable boy was adopted by Chuck and Miriam in August 2004. He promptly discovered the special toy box and picked his special tennis balls each day. His only early discontent was discovering that his two female companions, Goldie and Nani, were athletes. After some weeks of daily romps, however, Norman could run with them. He probably learned from Goldie that it was easier to get the ball if one ran out first, crouched down, and waited for the throw. He developed his own version of tug-of-war, just holding one end of the rope toy while his opponent did the tugging.

Norman always welcomed visitors. A special treat for him was lying in the center of Chuck’s Dillard Brass Quintet on rehearsal nights. When Chuck was cooking, Norman claimed the space under the kitchen table as his own, where he could watch for culinary treats.

Norman #1071And Norman was often our ambassador for Golden boys on home visits. When a prospective adoptive family was ambivalent about a male, Norman was happy to set the record straight. He would find a nice spot, perhaps look around for a tennis ball, accept admiration and petting, then settle down for the visit.

Hemangiosarcoma claimed our boy after four good years. We’re sure his Golden Bond pack has welcomed him at the Rainbow Bridge, and he will always have a special place in our hearts.


Adopted August 17, 2004

Norman #1071Norman (#1071) has been adopted by his foster parents, Miriam and Chuck. There was a big hole in the household when Luke died, and they asked for another boy to foster. Norman didn’t take long to endear himself to them and to his new sisters. This big, amiable guy is a contented member of his new pack and forever home. He has discovered just about every ball in the toy box, since he just can’t wander around without holding at least one toy. He and Nani enjoy spirited games of fetch in the meadow and explore the surrounding woods together. Welcome to Eugene, Norman!