Nani #376

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: August 26, 2008

Nani #376Nani (#376) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 26, 2008 after five years of the good life with Chuck and Miriam. Our little girl liked to charm everyone, from vet to visitors. She loved her people, attention, and toys (but did not always appreciate other dogs). Although she was willing to share a certain red ball with brother Norman, she also developed a knack for intercepting throws to him. It took some months and several major tussles for her to acknowledge that new sister Molly could really be her great friend and playmate.

We could always smile at Nani’s jumps over improvised hurdles and her little dance everytime the food bowls came out. She was almost always on the food watch crew when Chuck was cooking. She didn’t care for onions, but everything else that fell from a counter was considered a delicacy. Extra carrots and broccoli sticks were really special.

Nani’s sudden and unexpected departure leaves a hole in all our lives. Molly misses her playmate, and Norman no longer has a domestique to bring back the balls he can’t find. Chuck and Miriam sorely miss their bright munchkin, a trooper to the end.

Aloha, Nani.



Adopted April 2003

Nani #376Nani (#376) has joined Luke and Goldie in the family of her foster parents, Chuck and Mimi. She has become Goldie’s special playmate and partner, and the two compete for the title of fastest retriever as they pursue their throw toys. This bright munchkin has also learned to swim. The big bed is now rather crowded at times. Nani’s new parents are happy to have a another girl and a second great role model for Luke. Aloha, Nani!